Friday, January 27, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

The inbox filled quickly this time with quite a few items and I'm even saving the biggest news item-the passing of Mary Tyler Moore for a single post later this week...

Goodbye to Mike Connors at the age of 91.
Connors was best known as "Joe Mannix" as in the CBS detective series of the same surname from 1968 to 1975.
Mannix was a standard detective show of the age with three really cool exceptions.
First was the array of crazy looking sportcoats that Mannix used to wear ranging from plaid to checkered and everything in between.
Second was the great looking sports cars that Mannix always drove and finally,Mannix used to take some tremendous beatings on that show!
Often times the stars either dominated physically or just occasionally would get hit from behind,but Mannix often would take poundings that were astounding for television.
Mannix also had one terrific theme song too!!

The other passing was actor Dick Gautier at the age of 85.
Gautier was best known for his role of "Hymie the robot" on Get Smart,but made tons of appearances on shows and was a staple of 1970's game shows as well.
Gautier was also remembered by me for the clip below for a equal pay PSA taking Adam West's place as Batman during a time when West was trying to avoid being stereotyped in the role.
Glad to see that worked out for him,but Gautier was the choice and an urban legend had it that this was a feeler to see how Gautier would have been accepted in the role for a mid-70's Batman return to the air...

The Daily Beast has a wide ranging interview with Bill Maher.
Maher discusses Donald Trump at length,but also talks television,his show and some of the other political shows that are comedy based.
I'm a big fan of Real Time as even though I don't agree with Maher on everything,his show at least tries to allow the other side to have some type of a say...

Jeff Heimberger sends me this article looking back at the circus that was in 1975 Toronto as George Foreman attempted to "earn" a rematch with Muhammad Ali by beating five men in one night.
None of the five were anything more than journeymen and it was nothing more than a carnival act.
The stunt didn't help anyone involved and Big George would never have the opportunity to avenge his defeat to Ali....

Comic Book Resources looks at one of my favorite shows in Buffy the Vampire Slayer,which debuted 20 years ago this year.
The lovely Cherie never cared for the show,but the kids and myself loved it,although there were some casting/plot decisions that I wished would have never happened as the show went further down the line.
The article picks the 20 most important episodes of the series.

We wrap with the retirement of Brent Musburger from announcing in order to start a gambling business in Las Vegas,
The 77 year old Musburger was not someone that I was always a fan of,but through the years grew on me and I became quite a fan of his calling games over the last 20 years or so.
No one gave that "big game" feeling better than Musburger and even if he had slipped a little over the last few years,he was still better at communicating the big picture that makes college football so great than other announcers trying to do the same thing......

Making progress,but we have more coming up with the TRS boxing ratings and later our tribute to Mary Tyler Moore.....

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