Monday, March 13, 2017

Cavaliers sign Larry Sanders,release Andrew Bogut

The Cleveland Cavaliers were forced to make a move after the broken leg suffered by Andrew Bogut and did so with the addition of former Bucks center Larry Sanders.

The 6'11 Sanders has never averaged ten points a game in any season,but on this team,that's not what they are looking for-If Sanders is motivated to play and past his previous issues,he brings a rebounder and shot blocker to Cleveland that the team hadn't had all season with the exception of the 58 seconds that Bogut played before his leg fracture.

For all that Larry Sanders could bring to the team,he could be quite a risk.
Sanders has missed the last season and a half after walking away from the Milwaukee Bucks in February of 2015 and has dealt with "Depression,Anxiety and Mood Disorders" along with the occasional suspension for Marijuana usage.
That could be a non-factor for Sanders,who wouldn't be the first player to have a background with problems to turn things around on a winning team with strong veteran leadership,so despite a few red flags,I like the signing.
It's not like there were a plethora of shot blocking big men to choose from on a menu and Sanders won't come at a high cost (200,000 for the rest of the year) and the Cavaliers did insist on and received a team option for 2017-18 in case Sanders is able to perform at a high level.

As for Andrew Bogut,I feel bad that he was injured and released,although he still received his pro-rated salary (400,000 isn't bad for 58 seconds of work,even if you did break your leg),so its not all bad for Bogut.
I'm sure the Cavaliers didn't want to release him,but in order to replace him,he had to go.
I was going to write that Bogut should have rented,not bought,but it turns out that he shouldn't have rented-just splurged on a hotel!

Sorry to see Bogut go,but the Cavaliers did the best they could under the circumstances....

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