Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Happy Anniversary! We are 10!!

Ten years.
That's a long time to do anything,let alone something like this.

Ten years ago,I took a idea (with this great start) from the lovely Cherie to write down my travels in baseball and over the years,TRS has ebbed and flowed from different topics and different styles.

We went from daily coverage of teams to general thoughts on personnel.
Some things have come and gone.
Some teams (Seahawks) have come and gone and some teams have arrived (S.F.Giants) and yet others have stood the test of being here for every year (Indians,Pirates,Browns,Devils,Cavaliers and Buckeyes).

Outside of husband and father,this project has been a part of my life longer than anything that I have ever done.Work does not count as things that I want as part of my life-HA HA.

I like to think that reading through the years,that I don't write all about sports,but if you sift through,you could get to know me pretty well and that's part of the process too.
Leaving something behind that says I was here.

It's been a great 10 years,so I'd like to thank a few people.
Let's start with the people that take care of me most-the lovely Cherie and Rachel.
Without them,much of the stuff that I write about doesn't happen.

Ryan was a much larger part of the blog in the past,but some of the stories through the years are often associated with his adventures with me.
Battlin' Bob was around a lot more earlier in the blog's run,but I'm still in touch with Bob a lot,even if we don't see each other as much,
Bob has always given the blog "pub" and I only wish he updated his "Grumblings and Rumblings" more.
It was always a hilarious read and it's missed.

To our two best supporters-Big Don and Fred Landucci.
Don has been our longest booster and his friendship has been appreciated and for Fred,geez what can I say about the blog/podcast/Fightheads biggest booster.
Fred always makes me feel like my work makes his day better and his kindness and support is beyond what anyone can expect.

To my friends (which Fred is one) that give me so much fun on various trips that make the blog and the road trip posts so easy to go on and so easy to write about-Derreck Chupak,Bill Cover,Doug Hopkins,Mike (Miguelito Loveless) Landucci and Kendall Morris.
Those trips are why I work like a maniac in the winter to enjoy those in the summer.
Thanks to all of you for the fun and friendship-anymore with you gentlemen,it's more about the fun than any autographs that we get.

And then there is Denise Nicarry,who treats me like the little brother she never had and gives me the big sister I never had-I like to think we each filled a void like there.
I even get to be the bratty little brother for the first time in my life!
One more thank you to Ramon Malpica,who puts in so much work on FightHeads and allows me to participate in his show.
Fightheads is so much fun to do and I've so enjoyed the experience!

Thanks to all the guests that have appeared here for interviews on the blog and podcast and most of all-thanks to anyone that has read this over ten years.
If I've forgotten anyone,I am so sorry.
Thanks to Verizon,what should have taken a small amount of time has taken five times that.
If I missed you,I apologize.

It's all wrapped up in a ten year ball that is in its own little time capsule and there for me or anyone else to review.
I've enjoyed it all and thanks to all of you...

Live long and Prosper.


Mike said...

Happy Anniversary!!! The time has flown by,A ton of great posts..And yes,I do need to start back up more on my own blog..Hopefully it's going to be sooner then later..
Congratulations on 10 years,In the immortal words of the above mentioned Spock,You have been,And will always be my friend!

Shawn said...

Thank you,Bob.
The feeling is mutual.
Maybe we can take you on a trip this year!