Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cavaliers bring in Andrew Bogut

The Cleveland Cavaliers and General Manager David Griffin had one more card to play before the deadline for playoff eligibility as the team added another missing piece with the signing of center Andrew Bogut.

The 32 year old Australian native faced against the Cavaliers last season in the finals as a Golden State Warrior,but when the Warriors needed to clear cap space for their free agency signing of forward Kevin Durant,Bogut and Harrison Barnes were traded to Dallas in the off-season.

Injuries hampered Bogut in Dallas as he played just 29 games as a Maverick before being traded to Philadelphia in the Mavericks trade with the Sixers for young center Nerlens Noel with various issues,but is reported to be currently in good health.
Bogut doesn't bring a lot of scoring to Cleveland ( three points per game in Dallas),but he rebounded the ball well (8.3 boards as a Maverick) and brings the type of big body that the Cavaliers lack.
Bogut is almost instantly a good fit defensively as a rim protector and defensively will help against opponent's big men.
Bogut was being chased by other various contenders,but chose Cleveland as his best chance to add another championship ring to his collection as one would think the road to the finals is easier with the Cavaliers than with any team in the Western Conference and that includes the Warriors.
With the injury to Kevin Durant last night possibly derailing him for quite a while,I'd think barring a major of their own,the Cavaliers would be considered the favorites to repeat as champions.

I wrote in the Deron Williams post about how I felt about the ring chasers.
I can understand wanting a title at any time,especially if you have never won one,but this trend in the NBA is starting to make me wonder if its worth it for some players.
I mean joining a team this late in the year,asking for a release from your team and then basically playing with a team for six weeks and the playoffs-is that really the way that you want to win a championship?
I can buy the argument of signing with a contender when you have fulfilled your obligation to a team and want to spend your free agency wherever you want,but even then I wonder if we have gone too far with the "superteams".
I'm not crazy about those unless you drafted into them,but the role players that are late season hired guns are even worse,especially in the case of Deron Williams,who left Dallas and the Mavericks received nothing for their services other than a little cap space.
Once again,my team is using the system to their advantage (as well as others),but that still doesn't make it right...

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