Saturday, February 2, 2008

Erik Arnesen Interview-Part 1

I was having some problems sleeping after a brutal stretch of work (being there 24 out of 31 hours),so I thought that I would get this started.
Please remember the limitations of the email interview for both sides.
This style of interview does not quite flow as much as an in person or phone interview.
I am hoping to get something to help with that this season for interviews that will either allow us to do in person chats and transcribe or even chat , put them on here and you could watch them.

Thanks to Erik for taking his time to do this for us.
I greatly appreciate it!

RS: How highly were you recruited to college baseball,did you have pro offers then and why Division 3?

Erik Arnesen: I went to a small Christian high school in New Jersey and was not highly recruited out of it. When I was looking for schools what I wanted was a small Christian College with good academics. I also figured I would get more playing time at a Division 3 school.

RS: How would you rate the experience of Division 3/non-scholarship baseball?

EA: I really had a great time playing ball at college. I played with and against some great guys, and made some friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

RS: Did you get your degree and what did you major in?

EA: I graduated from Grove City College (Pennsylvania) in May of 2006 with a degree in Business Management.

RS: How did you find out the Nationals had drafted you and were your surprised on being drafted and/or by Washington?

EA: I found out I was drafted when I received a phone call from the scout that drafted me. I was hoping to get drafted and I knew the Nationals had expressed some interest. However I was surprised to get drafted on the first day.

RS: Who did you deal with in the organization in negotiations and what surprised you about the process?

EA: The negotiation process was really quite easy. I was a senior sign and I signed up to play when they brought the paperwork to my house a few days after the draft.

Photo Credit:
Shawn Heimberger-Thoughts Of RS

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