Monday, February 4, 2008

Erik Arnesen Interview-Part 3

Here is Part 3 of the Erik Arnesen interview and some bullpen notes at its end!

RS:What Sun did you spend the most off field time with in 2007?

EA:During the season I spent most of my off field time with my roommates Jeff Mandel and Robby Jacobsen.

RS:What was extended spring training like and who and how told you that you were assigned to Hagerstown?

EA:I did not find extended spring to be that bad. I missed a lot of Spring Training due to back spasms, so extended spring I used as my spring training.

RS:Your opinions on Tommy Herr and thoughts on this game.
This link leads you to the game in question

EA: Tommy Herr is a great coach and I enjoyed playing under him.
Paul (Menhart)is an amazing pitching coach, I learned a lot this season and it started to really come together at the end of the year.
RS:Has the Nationals organization given you any pitches to work on in the off-season?

EA:I am going to work on all of my pitches this off season, but I will probably focus a lot of time on my changeup.

RS:What do you think is your out pitch?

EA:My out pitch really depends on the situation, and I think I can get outs with all of my pitches.

RS:Has anyone given you any indications on whether you will start in Potomac or Hagerstown in 2008?

EA:I will not know where I am playing until they let me know in Spring Training.

Bullpen Notes

Topps baseball cards has announced that they will be making cards of this years Presidential candidates with this years baseball set.
Candidate cards are supposed come at a ratio of 1 to every 9 packs.
Looks like at least two for me to find and send to see if they become a collection addition...

Devils in action tonight vs the Penguins on Versus,so no "Doc and Chico" tonight.
Coverage here tomorrow..

Super Bowl thoughts:
Thrilled that the Patriots lost,although the Giants were not altogether classy in victory.
But then again,New England had it coming.

Personal favorite Tom Brady was "surprised" at Plaxico Burress' prediction.
"Only 17 points?"".
He gave you too much credit.

Am I the only one that finds the Patriot offense boring?
Watching 45 5 yard passes a game gets kinda tedious,doesn't it?

Super Tuesday tomorrow........
Looks like the Democrat side is going to be a fun day,as just as I begin to toy with Barack Obama,he wheels out Oprah Winfrey and makes me wonder all over again!
Oprah being around always makes me question anything that I find out that I agree with her on!

Until tomorrow

Photo Credit-Ryan Heimberger


Anonymous said...

That is a great interview. Erik is a really nice guy, and really was an asset to the Suns last year. I hope he gets to go to Potomac and continues to succeed over the next few years, and that he plays in the bigs in front of President Barack Obama some day!

Sorry, I couldn't resist that Obama reference given the bottom of your post. You cannot hold a candidate's supporters against him. And this time Obama is not touring with Oprah. Oprah is doing her own tour aimed at the middle aged women who are likely to vote for Hillary. Oprah is speaking with Caroline Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

Obama's going around the country with Clarie McCaskill, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy.

And if you want to really hold a candidates supporters against the candidate consider this:

Ann Coulter endorsed Hillary Clinton. As bad as Oprah may be, she's better than Coulter!

Shawn said...

Thanks for the kind words on the interview.
I think Erik is likely to start to Potomac,but the Nationals had lots of quality arms at Vermont from the 2007 draft last year and it is possible that they will start some of them at Potomac.
If that happens,then there is a small chance that Erik could at least start the season back in Hagerstown and be the likely first callup.

Oprah Winfrey vs Ann Coulter! Bleech!
Talk about a bad choice-the only way that you could make that worse is to toss Laura Ingraham in there!!!