Sunday, February 3, 2008

Erik Arnesen Interview-Part 2

Here is part 2 of our interview with Erik Arnesen.
Hope you enjoy it!

RS: Is your faith an important part of your life?

EA:My Faith is the most important aspect of my life. My relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ is my highest priority.

RS: If so,is it difficult to be a Christian as part of the everyday game?

EA: As part of everyday baseball I do not find being a Christian difficult. Actually, I would say the opposite in that my faith helps me through the good times and the bad.
RS:Did the Nationals negotiate with you or was it a standard "cookie cutter' senior contract offer?

EA: It was a standard senior sign contract.

RS:What do you remember about your first game in Vermont in the NY-Penn league?

EA:My first game in Vermont was exciting. At that point, it was definetly the largest crowd I had ever pitched in front of and it was awesome.

RS:Thoughts on your tenure in Vermont?

EA:I really enjoyed my tenure in Vermont. I learned a lot and really had a good time.

RS:Do players have the right to pick their own roommates on the road or does the team/manager pick them for you?

EA: Roommates are decided by the coaches/trainers, but they usually try to pair you up with someone you want to be with.

RS:Have you made any good friends in your two seasons in baseball? if so,who?

EA: I have made some very good friends in my 2 years playing.

Photo Credit-Ryan Heimberger

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