Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pirates win in San Diego and debate thoughts

Ian Snell pitched no hit baseball for four and two thirds before allowing a homer and leaving with a cramped calf after the innings conclusion to lead the Pirates to a 6-3 win over the Padres.
Snell finished the season at 7-12 and Matt Capps pitched the ninth to earn his 21st save.
Ryan Doumit (15) and Freddy Sanchez (9) homered for the Pirates.

Shawn's Thoughts

1) After a miserable season,it was nice to Snell finish strong,even if it was against the lowly (even more so than the Bucs) Padres.
Snell was the best stuff on the staff and I like his hard nosed mentality,but sometimes it works against him.
Snell needs to understand that a strong mind is as important in this game as a strong arm.

2) Two nice outings in a row from Tyler Yates.
Yates has a power arm that is truly effective when he finds the strike zone,which does not always occur....

3) The Pirates locked them into the fourth pick in next years draft and the Padres will pick third.
Had the Padres swept the three game series,the Bucs would have slid into the third slot.

4) Former Pirate farmhand Chris Young takes the ball for San Diego tonight.
Looks like bad news for the Bucs as Young is 3-0 with a 1.52 ERA in four starts against Pittsburgh.

Pitching Matchup
Pittsburgh: Jimmy Barthmaier (0-1 15.19 ERA) at San Diego: Chris Young (6-6 4.11 ERA) 10:05

Debate Thoughts

I thought last nights debate was pretty even overall and likely didn't change any minds one way or the other,but a few thoughts.

1) Looks like the whining of 2000 by the Republicans about Al Gore's "lack of respect" towards George Bush could backfire eight years later.
John McCain rarely even looked over to acknowledge Barack Obama and when he did,McCain looked openly contemptuous towards the Illinois Senator.

2) Is that a silly point?
Yep.But when you are a party that lives and dies with the silly non-issue,sometimes it can return to bite you in the ass.

3) I did chuckle once when McCain admonished Obama for "not caring enough" to travel to Afghanistan and therefore doesn't know what he is talking about because he wasn't there.....
If this is such an important part of leadership and is a requirement,why hasn't your stuttering Mel Tillis in drag been over to add this experience to her resume"?

4) As important as this debate was,next Thursdays battle between the VP candidates looms perhaps larger.
Most elections aren't decided by the second spot on the ticket,but this one could and Sarah Palin could go a long way towards determining the winning team with her performance in St.Louis.
Or least do far better than this fiasco.............

Bullpen Notes

The Ohio State Buckeyes kickoff the Big Ten season against unbeaten Minnesota today in Columbus.
Word is that Chris Wells is likely to play in this one and hopefully that will kick start a limping offense.
Minnesota likes to run the spread option that OSU struggles to defend,but I think the Bucks wear them down and take a 31-14 win.

The Ashland Arrows ended a four game losing streak with a Homecoming win over the West Holmes Knights 20-13 behind a 156 yard rushing night by Shane Kipp.

Photo Credits
Pirates;Lenny Ignelz-AP Photo
Helmets:Helmet Project

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Anonymous said...

This was a clear win for Obama. McCain was cranky and irritable. People notice that. Obama had a firm grasp of domestic issues, and polls showed Obama won the debate among swing voters at whopping 3 to 2 on the economy (which IS the issue of the election). Obama also beat McCain among swing voters on Iraq and Iraq and Afghanistan. The "you were wrong" moment is a great moment. Worse, McCain had a total meltdown and started speaking really loudly shortly thereafter.

Obama showed he had the temperament to be President. McCain reminded people of their crotchety Grandpa, who they love, but who they wouldn't want to be President. Clear win for Obama.

McCain also botched responses on Pakistan, the federal budget (if he truly vetos every spending bill, the troops wouldn't get paid), and Pakistan (it was not a failed state when Musharaff took over). Overall, it was a dismal performance for McCain, who is running the political equivalent of the Pittsburgh Pirates or Washington Nationals season--well on his way to 90 losses, shooting for 100!

This isn't a sport. It's votes not points that count. And Obama won votes last night.