Monday, April 26, 2010

Jacques Lemaire resigns

I was planning on a Devils season in review,but that will have to wait as Jacques Lemaire has resigned as head coach of the New Jersey Devils after one season and has announced his retirement from coaching.
Lemaire's statement was that although he still loves to coach,he feels that he lacks the energy to coach with the intensity for an entire season at the age of 65.
I think that Lemaire did a good job,but at times you could clearly see the intensity was down and this seems to be the right move at the right time.Jamie Langenbrunner clearly had issues over the late season with Lemaire and despite a division winning season,the disappointing end might have been what showed Lemaire that he didn't want to go through the grind for another long campaign.
Lemaire will be staying with the organization in an advisory capacity.Now the search is on for the third coach in three years and I will stick with hoping for the same choice as last year in Ted Nolan.
Ted Nolan is just the man for the job,but his chances look slim.
The front runners appear to be Devils greats John MacLean and Scott Stevens.
MacLean took Lowell to their first playoff series in many years and looks to be the front runner after being passed over three times for the job for Claude Julien,Brent Sutter and then Lemaire last year.
Stevens was an assistant last season,but looks to be light on experience,although his status as a Devil legend and charismatic presence could help his cause...

Hopefully,the Devils will hire someone with some offensive creativity that will help the Devils in re-signing Ilya Kovalchuk,will help in taking advantage of Zach Parise and hopefully be able to be instrumental in developing the Devils of the future.

Photo Credit:Tim Farrell-Newark Star-Ledger


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Rated said...

Agreed, i hope Ted Nolan gets and opportunity in Jersey