Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battlin' Bob scores as Hagerstown Suns do the right thing

Quick post,but I plan to be back with a look at past memories and that sometimes they might be better left alone or if time is short,I may put that off and post part three of our interview with Danny Rosenbaum.

This was in my inbox for a few days and was going to be the feature of the next cleaning of the inbox,but Battlin' Bob has already written and the Hagerstown Suns have responded!
The Battler' sent me a link to the Suns website that promoted their new Valet Parking service for season ticker holders,which is fine with me.
Those people help pay the freight and I have no issue with them getting a few perks (although if they are the only fans allowed at the Meet the team session,that is a different can of chowder) for paying up front for their ducats.
The problem was lower in the paragraph,where a new one dollar parking fee was slipped in the release and that would be new for the Suns.

However,the Battler's post brought to "Tony's" attention,who I would guess to be Suns minority owner Tony Dahbura and the website was quickly changed after his response on Bob's blog.
So in short,the Suns are now not charging parking fees.

Credit to the Suns for either correcting an error on their site or realizing the PR mistake in the making and cutting it off before other "media" got wind of this.
And credit to the Battler' for digging this up from underneath an obscure post on the website.
Whether or not,this was in the works-this was the right thing for the Suns to do,but in case it was and you see the Battler' at the Muni this season,give him a word of thanks for the couple bucks that stays in your pocket.

And a final word to the Suns-If someone wants to talk to me and/or the Battler and give us some time for an interview,drop me a line at
We'll be fair and try to go word for word with your responses,the questions might be the tough ones,but answering the tough ones can go a long way....

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Mike said...

Thanks for the good words!! I have said all along, I give the Suns credit when they do something good..And in the cases where they have done things horrible,I have also let them know.