Saturday, January 29, 2011

Danny Rosenbaum Interview-Part 3

Part three of our five part interview with Washington Nationals pitching prospect Danny Rosenbaum.
Danny discusses his growth as a pitcher and some thoughts on Hagerstown Municipal Stadium...

TRS: Paul Menhart has commented that your improved pro stats are due to your willingness to pitch inside,whereas at Xavier,you pitched to the outside edge.
Is this due to the aluminum bats in the college game or simply a refinement in your growth as a pitcher?
DR: Simply refinement in my growth as a pitcher. I've learned so much since I started playing pro ball, from our coordinators and our coaches. This is a mental game, and that's what I have really tried to make strides in.  I continue to try and learn how to be a better pitcher everyday.  My sophomore season of college ball went really well and that's because I was able to work both sides of the plate, but my junior year for some reason I got away from it. Yes, the difference in aluminum and wood is big but that shouldn't change your approach to your game. Being able to pitch inside so important today in this game. I'm so thankful for being able to learn from our great coaching staff.
TRS: You feature a four pitch toolbox (fastball,change,curve and slider) which is your out pitch and which needs the most work?

DR: During this past season, I really focused on trying to figure out my change up. I think I changed the grip on it like 6 times. But I think we finally got somewhere down in instructional league. I need to continue to refine all my pitches being able to throw them in all counts whenever and where ever I want.
TRS:You were the breakout pitching prospect for the 2010 Suns,did you do anything differently to prepare for the 2010 season than in the past?
DR: Well, the previous season I was still pitching in college and like I said before I think the biggest thing differently I focused on was my mental approach. I learned a lot from watching my roommate from college Jordan Conley. He is currently with the Marlins, Jordan was our everyday short stop and closer. He claims himself being a thrower not a pitcher, but he knows how to pitch. Just seeing his demeanor on the mound, knowing you're better than the hitter has helped me so much. I also owe a lot of credit to Bobby Henley, our field coordinator, and Spin Williams, our pitching coordinator. I had a talk with Henley last year when I first signed about pitching inside and being an aggressive and under control pitcher, being able to slow the game down.  And with Spin, being able to work both sides of the plate using my change up, forcing myself to throw it.

TRS: Hagerstown certainly has a quirky stadium and facilities,any thoughts on the Muni and its good side,if any?
DR: The Muni isn't as good as a lot of the other stadiums that I played in this past season, but it was nicer than what we had at school and some of those Atlantic 10 fields. I enjoyed being there, it has some character to it, but it does have a lot of work to do.
TRS:Things about the Muni that you hope to never see again?
DR: Yeah just that field in general, I hope I can keep moving forward in the organization.

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