Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playoff Pigskin Pickin Machine

The machine returns with a more detailed look than last weeks quickie version.

First we start with the AFC game on Saturday.
Baltimore vs Pittsburgh.
I have been told that the painfulness (not a real word) that this battle of the thugs causes me should enable me to ignore this battle of felons,so I'll do just that.
Moving on.

The Jets travel to Massachusetts against the sizzlin hot Patriots.
The Jets are going to need a huge game from either the ground game or Mark Sanchez to win this one.
Considering the way New England is playing,that will be a tough sell.
In other words,Bill Belichick with a week to prepare against Mark Sanchez looks pretty clear to me.

The NFC has the most underrated matchup with the Packers in Atlanta against the Falcons.
Two keys in this one.
The first is this-Can Green Bay run the ball with their unheralded backs against Atlanta in a manner similar to the way they did against the Eagles?
The other features the Packer pass rush against Matt Ryan.
If the Pack can rush Ryan consistently,they likely win this game....

Seattle tries to run the miracle train one more week in Chicago after a stunning win over the Saints last week.
Seattle did beat the Bears in Chicago earlier in the season and Jay Cutler certainly is capable of putting up the 3 and 4 interception game that Seattle would need to win,but the Seahawks seem overmatched with their offense and will need quite a few breaks in this one.
However,the upset is possible....

Our Picks
Ignored (Just kidding) Steelers 16-13
Patriots 31-21
Packers 24-20
Bears 24-13


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Yes, it is a shame that the Steelers-Ravens game can't end in a tie. But I'm glad to see you agree that Rex Ryan is going down in defeet.

Shawn said...

I am hoping for a Jet win,but I don't see it happening.
I cannot stand Belichick or Brady,but should NE win (Rooting for Jets),I will grudgingly give my support to the Pats over either of the felon sprinkled teams that win in the other AFC game....