Friday, June 10, 2011

In the end,more trouble than he was worth

Terrelle Pryor will not be returning to Ohio State for the upcoming season and frankly,I hope this is the end and not the beginning of the Buckeye issues involving the highly touted Pennsylvania passer..

Let's put the various issues involving Pryor off the field to the side.
Rules were broken and only time will tell if all the accusations are true,but we know that some are legitimate complaints.
One can say the rules are silly as Bob Knight did recently,but in any case,rules were broken,punishments will be doled out and things will move on.

I would prefer to discuss the disappointment of Terrelle Pryor on the field instead and why in the end,he just was not worth the trouble he brought.
Despite his occasional flashes of brilliance like the Rose Bowl win over Oregon,Pryor all too often was more show than dough and one could even look at his problems throwing the ball as main reason for the odd Buckeye defeat.

Pryor came to OSU filled with hype as the next version of Michael Vick and Vince Young as the supreme hybrid of a physically punishing runner that passes some as well.
The problem was the player that entered Columbus was pretty much the same guy that is leaving town,very little progression in the passing game and never seemed to grasp the mental game.
Terrelle Pryor never struck me as a huge NFL prospect to begin with,but his sense of entitlement off the field and his lack of discipline on it showed that in the overall picture-Pryor has to be looked at as a disappointment,despite the Rose and Sugar Bowl trophies that he helped to bring in.

One thing that I would add is this-All the Big Ten fans crowing about the Pryor issue ask this?
Do any of you (Pryor runner ups michigan and Penn State most notably) think anything changes for Pryor had you gotten him?
I doubt it-the same type of people that were enablers in Columbus are in Ann Arbor,State College etc and I doubt Joe Paterno or anyone else was going to stop that.

In the end,despite the ability and the occasional brilliance,he just was not worth what he brought.
That is the shame of Terrelle Pryor that goes beyond tattoos and cars.

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Ryan Heimberger said...

Any high school player that holds a press conference on where he is going to college is almost certain to get into some kind of trouble.
Too much money and enticements flying around from big money schools, not many 18 year olds are going to handle that like a professional.