Thursday, October 6, 2011

Talkin' about the Hagerstown Suns-The Hitters

Taking some time to get the on field thoughts down on the 2011 Hagerstown Suns hitters as after today,the specials might be on hold for a few days with the PPM popping,football recaps and the return of Devils hockey to these pages.
If I am lucky,I'll have time for the pitchers later tonight,if not they might wait until next week.

The Suns featured the prospect of the year in Bryce Harper.
I would wager you have read plenty elsewhere on Mr.Harper,but he is clearly the best player to wear a Suns uniform (Major League rehab assignments aside).
The tools are there,although he makes me think that he will lose a step in speed as he ages,to be a terrific player.
It will still be tough to live up to the hype machine,but he should at least be a perennial All-Star.

The other position players made me wonder though.
Jason Martinson hit for power (19 Homers) and runs well (26 steals and caught just six times),but the defense was deeply concerning and a lack of contact (144 whiffs!) does not bode well as he advances higher.
A general rule of thumb for me is this -If you are striking out a lot in the SAL,you better project to be a 30 homer man.
Not sure Martinson has that covered...

Blake Kelso had a huge first half that was counter-balanced by a below average second half.
Kelso should have been a candidate to move at mid-season,but the Nationals must have had some ideas on Kelso as he did not get the callup and his numbers dropped.
The second half is a warning flag as Kelso has one plus tool-hitting for average.....

David Freitas was very similar to Kelso from the great first half,average second and the lack of a callup that the first half numbers looked like would happen.
Freitas still had a nice season and the question is defense.
The arm is strong,but he does have some defensive limitations.
Interesting note-six homers in 117 at bats against lefities,but only a .214 average.
Not great for a righthanded hitting backstop.

Michael Taylor had a huge second half and looked to be putting things in order.
He had better because he was maybe the weakest fielding outfielder the Muni has seen in years.
Taylor is outstanding physically,but fanned over 100 times,notice a trend there?
Taylor is just 20,so he is still a prospect.
I am looking forward to seeing his development in Potomac next season...

Adrian Nieto might have resuscitated his prospect status a bit with some strong play in the final month.
Nieto came back from various issues and looked like the player that was thought of so highly when drafted.
Nieto still had issues striking out 1 out of 3 at  bats,but I would give him another year before crossing him off.
His biggest issue might be the catching logjam in the system...

Adrian Sanchez did not have a bad season,but not what I expected.
I thought the second sacker could be the breakout prospect of the team,but he just did not get that finished.
Sanchez did enough to move up in 2012,but he did not help himself much on the prospect radar.

Kevin Keyes built up steam as the season moved forward and might have been the teams best bat by seasons end.
Keyes has big time power potential,but will need to step his game up further in Potomac at age 23.
Keyes has the look of a power hitter (13 second half homers)but looks to be more of a left fielder that was stuck in right field defensively.

Randolph Oduber missed almost the entire second half and strikes me as a guy that will put up numbers in the lower levels,but not a real prospect.
The injury hurt him a lot as he will enter next season at 23 and having never completed a full season.
Oduber does have some tools,so not ready to give up,but next year is a make or break season...

I do not see any prospects of the remaining Suns hitters,although I can see Brett Newsome sticking around as a "Tim Pahuta" type and Sean Nicol is the type of organizational soldier that is nice to have in the system with the ability to play multiple positions....

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