Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cavaliers hold off Warrior rally-win Game 3!

The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first ever home game in the NBA Finals and more importantly took a two to one series lead over the Golden State Warriors after a 96-91 at Quicken Loans Arena.
LeBron James led all scorers with 40 points and Matthew Dellavedova added a surprising 20 more to lead Cleveland to the win.

Cleveland dominated the game as they built a 20 point lead in the third quarter,but the Warriors came alive in the fourth period and cut the lead as close as just one point,but could get no closer.
Game 4 takes place back at the Q Thursday night at 9,where the Cavaliers will attempt to hold home court...


1) What more can you say about Matthew Dellavedova?
Diving on the floor,hitting some of the ugliest shots that you'll ever see from a pro player and other than some of the fourth quarter,shutting off the high scoring Stephen Curry from being the MVP force that he was in the regular season.

2) The concern for the Cavaliers,who are already injury riddled,is can they continue to keep this together using super glue and duck tape to get two more wins?
Iman Shumpert left the game after seeming to injure the same shoulder that kept him out for six weeks earlier this season and despite his return,one has to be concerned about that and....

3) Matthew Dellavedova left the arena and headed to the hospital with severe cramping in both legs.
Dellavedova has been the surprising breakout star of this series,but how much can his frantic style be cutting into his health?
And could Cleveland get two more wins without him???

4) LeBron James is doing this with mirrors and deception as James is averaging more than 40 points a game in the finals,but he is doing it with a bizarre stat line with a low shooting percentage such as last night's 14 for 34.
James is playing well and considering the way that this series has to be played,one couldn't logically expect a high shooting percentage-but imagine if you could!

5) What a crowd last night!
I've always told my friends (especially one noted Steeler fan) that it is the Cleveland fan that is the best fan in sports.
We watch some of the worst teams sports has to offer and give us even a playoff team and the town goes nuts!
That arena was rocking last night and the hype before game one about Oracle Arena being so loud (it was and their fans are great as well)-The Q was louder.
What an environment to play in!

6) The fourth quarter was scary though and it makes you wonder just what is waiting tomorrow night.
Stephen Curry finally woke up and hit some unbelievable bombs from sonar range and if that is any indication-this series is far from over and you'll hear no crowing from this corner yet!

7) The vice like defense that the Cavaliers are putting on Golden State is the basketball version of what the Browns hope to be doing-keep the tempo slow,be physical,don't allow Golden State to run the fast break and break the rhythm team's rhythm.
It may not be pretty,but it is the only way Cleveland wins this series...

8) The bench may not have been a huge help,but J.R.Smith and James Jones each knocked down two three pointers and Mike Miller went flying across the floor to keep a loose ball in play.
You take what you can get and I still think for Cleveland to win two more games,J.R.Smith is going to have to have one of those "Vinnie "the Microwave" Johnson type of games like he did against the Hawks...

9) If Iman Shumpert is able to play through the pain of his shoulder,he still will not be 100 percent obviously and could someone fill in for at least a few minutes?
Could this be the time for Shawn Marion to summon up a blast from the past and provide a few key spots?
The aging "Matrix" has been a bit of a disappointment in Cleveland,but he's had a great career and deserves a chance for one last stand...

10) Can the Cavaliers pull this off?
Yes,but in my opinion only with a win Thursday night at the Q.
If Golden State wins and makes this a best of 3 series,then I lean Warriors.
If Cleveland can win and go up 3-1,I doubt that the best player in the world is going to be beaten three games in a row.

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