Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cleaning out the inbox-Sports Version

The inbox is filled-and I mean filled with items,so I'm breaking these into two versions from the sports and non-sports worlds.

We start with this article from Joe Plum,who posted it to the lovely Cherie's facebook page.
Joe remembered that Craig Ehlo was my wife's favorite Cavalier ever and this deals with Ehlo's life after basketball.
Ehlo had issues with pain killers and dealt with other problems,but seems to be currently on track.
Happy that things are better for one of my all time favorite Cavaliers!

The Indians used to have tomato red jerseys in the 1970's.
Every team back then were going brighter and louder and even though the Indians all red unis were less than universally loved,the jerseys had a hard core fan base that lasts to this day.
The Indians recently had a jersey giveaway night with the red jerseys (vs the Reds LOL) and it seemed to be quite popular.
I myself liked the mid-70's hats that I'd love to see make a comeback over the current Indians hat designed by dullsville,but I'll save that for another day.

We talked about the demotion (snicker) of Buckeye troll Mark May on the podcast,but I couldn't help but offer two links on May's (HA HA) drop in the ESPN pecking order.
Eleven Warriors offers this Bon Voyage and Awful Announcing sends a sad goodbye as well.
Looking forward to when May's contract expires and ESPN sends him out the door for good....

The Houston Astros will be removing Tal's Hill,the huge hill in deep center in Minute Maid Park.
The Hill,which was a tribute to Cincinnati's Crosley Field is being removed for more "communal areas for fans to eat and drink together".
Funny,I thought that's what the other seats are for.
Anyway,I liked Tal's Hill-it was a distinguishing feature from the retractable dome parks,which were generally antiseptic.
Sorry to see it go.....

Grantland may not have Bill Simmons anymore,but they still have quality writing as this article shows on the late runner Steve Prefontaine.
The article deals with Prefontaine's career,but it also looks at the town he grew up in and his college town in a reflection of how things have changed in 40 years.
Even if track and field is not an area of interest,I think you'd still like it as it's about more than just running....

A similar article in the New York Times is about Lewiston,Maine and the small town that somehow landed the Muhammad Ali-Sonny Liston rematch in 1965.
The article discusses Ali's famous one round KO,but also talks to residents about their memories of the fight and their town-then and now..

I still have plenty of "letters" filling the inbox,so look for a new cleaning soon-this time with lots of non-sports items!!!

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