Monday, June 8, 2015

Cavaliers snare Game 2 in OT!

Matthew Dellavedova hit two free throws with ten seconds to go in overtime to give the Cleveland Cavaliers a lead that they would hold through two Golden State possessions to earn a 95-93 win and tie the NBA Finals at a game apiece.
LeBron James led the Cavaliers with 39 points,16 rebounds and 11 assists with Timofey Mozgov offering the main support with 17 points and 11 boards.
Game three is Tuesday in Cleveland.


1) I can feel better about saying this since the Cavaliers won because a loss would make this read as sour grapes-
This game was officiated terribly.
Just beyond awful.
LeBron James has to be the star player that gets fewer calls than anyone I can remember.
James can get killed on the way to the basket and no foul and yet Michael Jordan in his day could be breathed on from ten feet away and get a call.

2) That is why I think the Cavaliers have a real chance of somehow pulling this series out.
The NBA has to have noticed last night and I would guess that James will get plenty of calls for at least the next 2 games if not more...

3) When the Cavaliers lost Kyrie Irving,it was clear that someone would have to step up and it was Matthew Dellaavedova,who hit some key shots along with the winning free throws,but just as importantly harassed Stephen Curry to a 5 of 23 shooting night.
Can the Australian do this for the rest of the series?
Cleveland will need for him to at least approach the play of game two in order to win,but last night was a great start...

4) The win was not only the first ever Finals win for the franchise (They were swept in their only other appearance) it was the first in league history for a team to win a game without two of their top three scorers.
That is hard to believe,but not as hard as believing this situation...

5) Timofey Mozgov and Tristan Thompson are controlling the boards in this series.
The pair have combined for 47 rebounds in two games and I've seen little evidence of the Warriors being able to turn that around.

6) Thompson will need to do better than 0 for 5 from close range though in order to give the Cavaliers some dirty baskets around the rim.
Mozgov is doing that well,Thompson needs to add to the total.

7) This was not the Cavaliers team that entered the playoffs.
That run,gun and fun team has left the building,but the team that won last night was a throwback to the shove,walk and bump teams of the 90's.
Ugly Eastern Conference basketball won this night.
It wasn't pretty,but W's often aren't.

8) J.R.Smith scored 13 points off the bench,but he fouled out with several of the fouls being so very dumb.
Smith is key right as a true scorer,he is the second best one on the team right now.
Cleveland needs him on the floor.

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