Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox

Four passings from this cleaning of the inbox and we start with the passing of actor Van Williams of the Green Hornet fame.
The Green Hornet lasted one year on ABC with a memorable two part crossover with Batman,but never had the huge syndication market as Batman,which made it one of those shows that you always wanted to see,but never did when I was a kid.
The Green Hornet was played far more seriously than the campy Batman and Williams wanted it to be portrayed as such before taking the role
Williams never had a starring vehicle that gained him recognition other than the Green Hornet and was pretty much out of the acting business by the mid 1980's.
Williams was 82..

Alan Thicke saw his life end playing hockey with his son at the age of 69.
Thicke best known as "Jason Seaver" the stay at home dad on Growing Pains-a 1980's ABC sitcom also was a well-known composer as well.
Thicke was a writer of tv themes for shows like "The Facts of Life" and "Different Strokes" (both pretty memorable themes to people my age) as well as instrumentals for several game shows and their themes of the age.
Thicke first came to my attention with a failed challenge (boy,that was a long list) to late night titan Johnny Carson "Thicke of the Night" before Growing Pains,which to be frank,wasn't a very good show and might have been better suited to challenge David Letterman (considering its content) at 12;30.

Welsh character actor Bernard Fox recently passed at the age of 89.
Fox was most famous for his role as Dr.Bombay on Bewitched and Colonel Crittenden on Hogan's Heroes,both were huge hits in first run and syndication.
A one time role that I just saw recently at my parents was his role as "Malcolm" a visiting Englishman ,who had an issue with Ernest T.Bass on the Andy Griffth Show.
The guest shot was in the final season because it is in color (Only the final season of the Griffith Show was in color) and which might have been the only color episode for Ernest T.Bass (Howard Morris),who was a much loved recurring character among fans of that show...

A late addition just as I was preparing to post this as Craig Sager,the long time NBA reporter, passed at the age of 65 from leukemia.
Sager was a long time worker for Turner Sports and was best known for his NBA work along with his garish suits,but I remember him from the days before the internet and his work with CNN and WTBS.
In the days before the net,even ESPN didn't have a bottom line running constantly,so you spent a lot of time watching Sportscenter and CNN's Sports Night and especially Headline News and their updates at 18 and 48 on the hour.
Craig Sager was a huge part of the sports empire at Turner in those years and I'll remember him best for being one of the people that kept us up to date on the scores at a time in my life where those things seemed so important....

ESPN writes of the lesser known of the Boston Celtics draft blunders with the San Antonio Spurs in the early 2000's (and late 90's).
Many Celtics fans lament not getting Tim Duncan after a brutal season,but the Celtics never passed over Duncan-the ping pong balls just didn't go their way.
This article discusses the Celtics,then coached by Jim O'Brien getting ready to draft Tony Parker and being to the point of the lady at the draft handing Parker a Celtics hat to walk onto the stage wearing,only to have Red Auerbach overrule his basketball people and insist on North Carolina point guard Joseph Forte,who would play a grand total of eight games in green.
Great decision that was!

We wrap up with Together We're Giants and their interview with San Francisco Giants reporter Amy Gutierrez or "Amy G" as she's known to Giants fans.
I often complain about the "hosts" and "reporters",but what I like about Amy G and what Comcast does with the Giants is that she doesn't interrupt the flow of the game and she does her interview work before and after the game and not during.
She contributes to the broadcast without having to detract from the game....

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