Saturday, December 31, 2016

Outmatched in Fiesta-Clemson Claws Ohio State 31-0

Just a few comments on the Ohio State Buckeyes 31-0 loss in the Fiesta Bowl to the Clemson Tigers.
I'll have more in a few days when I look back at the season.

Olentangy Offerings

1) The score looks bad and it was bad.
But it could have been far worse.
On the overall,until a worn down unit surrendered a lot in the fourth quarter,the defense played its guts out.
I have no complaint with their effort...

2) Here is hoping that the humiliating offensive effort results in new offensive minds and the departure of Ed Warriner and Tim Beck.
Both have proven to be very valuable in recruiting,but neither have been worth a squirt of umm water in a summertime rain in developing players or calling plays.

3) J.T. Barrett was just a disaster as Clemson sat back and dared him to pass and which he did unsuccessfully.
Barrett has always been a run first QB at his best and when teams keyed on him,OSU was in trouble-because...

4) The wide receivers did not develop into playmakers.
Other than Noah Brown,who seemed to play less as the season went on,no one seemed to develop to help Barrett out.
Ohio State does have some excellent wideouts coming in as freshmen in 2017,Brown is back and I really like Ben Victor as a breakout player next year,but no matter how,if the passing game doesn't improve,the offense will not either...

5) The Buckeye play of the night was Malik Hooker's crossfield interception in the end zone for a touchback.
Hooker could declare for the draft and if he does,I hope the Browns get him-he reminds me of Ed Reed.

6) This didn't have to be a shutout.
Tyler Durbin missed two first quarter field goals and took any offensive momentum away,the Buckeyes are bringing a scholarship kicker in for 2017-they need it.

7) No running game.
Mike Weber went the entire first half without a carry and with the lack of any downfield passing game,it was the same garbage short pass play every time.
Just awful....

8) Wrapping up with this-This was still an overachieving season.
Youngest team in the country,beat Oklahoma on the road,michigan at home,made the playoff.
All things considered- A bad ending to a better than expected season...

Bonus: Click here for Eleven Warriors wish list for 2017 that is connected to this loss.
Great stuff.... 

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