Thursday, December 29, 2016

Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher

I'm sure that almost (I guess someone might have been without anything resembling electronic media) all of you have heard of the consecutive day passing of mother/daughter Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher was of course most noted for her roles in the Star Wars films and I was a fan of those,despite only seeing one of the post 1980's revamps.
Ask me sometime about the Star Wars figure collection that rests in the archives!!

I liked Star Wars,although I was much more of a Star Trek fan (I do believe you can like them both!),but the Carrie Fisher role that I remember most was her role as the dumped bride by John Belushi's "Jake Blues" in the "Blues Brothers".
I thought she had just the right balance between anger and caring as late in the movie,it was clear that she had feelings for Belushi's character,but earlier in the film,she had attempted to kill him with a flamethrower!

As for Debbie Reynolds,she reminded me of one of my favorite relatives both on and off screen.
She seemed like such a genuine person and you never read anyone saying anything bad about her.
My favorite performance of hers was as Albert Brooks mother in the 1996 film Mother.
I think Brooks is the most underrated comedic performer of his time and Reynolds added just the perfect touch to the role that Brooks originally offered to Doris Day.
If you haven't seen Mother-please do,I give it my highest recommendation.
The other thing that Debbie Reynolds will be most remembered by me is her role in the "Tammy and the Bachelor" movie in from 1957 (with Leslie Nielsen).
That was the first in the "Tammy" series and the only one that Reynolds did as she passed the role onto Sandra Dee.
I haven't seen those movies in 30 years,but I bet I saw them multiple times in the old "late night movie" slots of the 70's and 80's.
There wasn't much on in the late hours in the old six channel days,so I watched a lot of things that I might not have growing up today,but I have such fond memories watching stuff like those at 2 and 3 AM on a Friday or Saturday night...

2016 has been such an awful year for celebrity passings and this one is sad because of the obvious angles,but both of these women bring up memories of my youth.
That's sad too,but these things will happen more and more as I age.
I wonder how I'll look back on these types of things 20 years from now?
I suppose that's why I write my way through this crazy life....

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