Monday, February 27, 2017

Browns release Andrew Hawkins

The Cleveland Browns saved some more money by releasing veteran slot receiver Andrew Hawkins.'
Hawkins caught 33 passes for the 2016 Browns,three of those for touchdowns..

The smallish 5'7 Hawkins was due to make 1.8 million in 2017 in the last of his four year contract that he signed before the 2014 season.
The receiving corps was extremely young last season with the exception of Hawkins,so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Browns dip into free agency for a receiver,not necessarily for the slot position played by Hawkins,but to add some sort of veteran to the group that has two second year receivers as the starters there (If Terrelle Pryor is able to be retained) in Terrelle Pryor and Corey Coleman.

Hawkins is one of the dwindling amount of players that I could still use the classic Browns uniform pics instead of the current eyesores having been around from 2014 or before,which shows the turnover on the team.
I liked having Hawkins around,his story was a nice one as he bounced around looking for a chance and he was a hard worker/great teammate,but for his production over the last two seasons was overpaid.
I can understand why the Browns decided to let him go,but he'll need to be replaced either by a signee or a younger player,but that money needs to be spent somewhere.....

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