Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess I'm just boring

Stay tuned for the on the signing front tomorrow as originally scheduled,but first a few thoughts on a conversation today with Hagerstown Suns Director of Promotions and Special Events Reed Hunley.
Most of you out there that attend Suns games know Hunley as the guy with the microphone doing most of the things that we either ignore or drive us crazy,but I digress.
Today as I was conversing with a few friends about the team,Hunley interjected with a question.
Please remember that I am paraphrasing as I cannot recall the exact quotes from Hunley.
"So,you don't like the PA announcer"?
Anyone that reads this will know me well enough to know that is a pitch flatter than a non knuckling Tim Wakefield knuckleball and as any good hitter would do in that situation-I swung for the fences.
"No,he sucks"-Not the most eloquent of rebuttals,but one straight from the heart.
Hunley and I tossed comments back and forth (without malice,where is Battlin' Bob when I need him?) about the loudness and over the top efforts of this gentleman when eventually the conversation turned to an example of how I would do things if I was behind the mic.
It isn't brain surgery-now batting,position, name and a strong,clear voice without the histrionics of the current employee.
Hunley then said "ah,you want it boring,like one of the boring guys".
Reed,I suppose so.
If you think classic announcing is boring then I suppose I want it boring.
One does not attend a baseball game to hear the PA announcer,to see the umpires or the between innings entertainment.
Those are things that can either enhance your product or weaken it,but very few come to listen to a fellow scream "Steve Lombardozzi" four to five times an evening.
Actually,no one does unless they are a close relative,that is no different than my family coming to hear me announce the game-I would add about one to three sales for the evening.
If you consider the classic style boring,then I question whether you are there for what is on the marquee'-Hagerstown Suns Baseball.
If tomorrow,it read Hagerstown Suns announcing or Hagerstown Suns entertainment,watch how few people show up.
Never forget it is about the game,everything else is like an ice cream sundae without ice cream.

I don't want anyone to get the idea that this was an acrimonious conversation,it was not at all.
However,I did want to use it to get some thoughts going.
I realize some would find a normal style subdued,but I also think more think the current "Wolfman Jack" is beyond entertaining and takes away enjoyment of the game.
Baseball is the game of conversation and when someone is so loud that you cannot hold one with the person next to you,they are too loud.

Reed Hunley can be reached by following the Suns webpage from this link.
Tell him what you think and tell him Thoughtsof RS sent you.

Back tomorrow with the Pirates-Giants series and On the signing front!


Mike said...

Sadly I was at work.. trust me I would have rather been there!!! I am way overdue with a post.. and I'm sure I'll follow up on what you've been talking about

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Yep. Boring, like Bob Sheppard or Sherm Feller were. Combined, they announced for nearly 85 years. Boring as hell, but for some reason, people there liked it that way.

Maybe next time you can remind him that the radio guy's job is to CALL. THE. GAME.

Shawn said...

I was astounded by the "boring" comment.
Sometimes I wonder just how many employees of baseball teams really like the game or is this just another way for frustrated former theatre students to have a spotlight (or rather flashlight) on them?..

I rarely listen to the Suns radio duo,so I havent criticized them,but I have not heard them being recommended by anyone that I know of....

Shawn said...

From Cherie:
I'm not qualified to access the announcer's skills one way or the other, but I do think that it is too loud. That probably isn't his fault. But when you can't continue to carry on a conversation with the person next to you during the announcing of the next batter, then I think it's too loud. Just 1 person's opinion.