Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One night at the Muni

Tonight was a long yet fun night at the Muni that was well worth the time spent.

The Hagerstown Suns postponed a previously planned team autograph day until Tuesday in order to have the Suns team set out and ready.
The team opened the gates an hour early for the signing and it could not have been better with one small exception.
This was smart by the club as last year,it was done before the team sets release and that took away much of the luster of the event.
The players had things available to sign and the Suns were able to move merchandise.
That worked well for everyone.

Give GM Bob Flannery and the guys credit for planning the event well,the players had room to sign,yet by having four different areas of players at various spots,the area didn't get congested.
That meant fans were able to get everything that they needed quickly and efficiently and the players weren't overrun all at once.
A tremendous and well thought out event and thanks to the Suns management for doing this and for doing it so well..

Only one thing negative could be said.
I heard from various collectors that one player was refusing to sign more than three cards.
This was not in order with the event,which stated
"The event is free of charge to all fans holding a ticket to Tuesday’s 7:05 p.m. game, and fans can get as many autographs as they want without having to pay a penny.."
I only had three cards for the player that I don't want to name but can be seen below,so it wasn't an issue for me personally.
However,this was not exactly in the spirit of the event and didn't help the player in the eyes of some fans.

The game was great too with the Suns rallying for two eighth inning runs for a 5-4 win.
Was also able to spend the night talking to a new friend from Pittsburgh,Big Don and our friend over at Bag of Health and Politics and despite the homer behavior of BHP,it was a terrific evening.

Bullpen Notes

Thanks to the lovely Cherie for helping me tonight with the Suns and speeding things along.
The process would have taken far longer without her help.

More on the crappy PA fellow.
More annoying than ever tonight and one of the few lowlights on the evening was the headaches he provided from the screaming into the mike.
The guy sounds like old Vince McMahon play by play from the 80's.

One thing that the Suns should look into discontinuing is the Sunsations jumping around with rainbow colored headdresses and making a tomahawk motion during one of their "skits".
I am far from always politically correct,I am after all friends with Battlin' Bob!
But this one is not intentionally nasty,but could be considered offensive to some.
Just a thought.

During some of the comments on the Suns post of a while back,one of the Sunsations asked the identity of the Sunsation that I wrote looked like she was actually trying to have fun.
I don't know names,but for those of you interested,she was part of last nights group.


The Bag of Health and Politics said...

What me a homer? No.

Didn't Curran have a triple? The box score says it was a single and an error!

Shawn said...

You,my friend, are a shameless homer!

I scored the Curran hit as a triple.

Shawn said...

From Cherie
Had a fun night at the ballpark!
It was great having Mike there & meeting Don.

Glad you had a good time & hope it's just the start of a very happy birthday!

Mike said...

Oh I see how it is now..LOL.. I'll remember this on your next rant about the price of cheese my good friend lol