Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Knives and Daggers

During a recent visit to Frederick for the Keys games against Myrtle Beach (to be talked about more in an upcoming On the Signing Front),a reader talked to us about the blog and how much he enjoyed the recent post on the Hagerstown Suns because it was the fiery type of post that had been missing lately.
His comments gave me the idea for the recurring feature-Knives and Daggers.
KaD will feature only negative thoughts (Ha Ha) and should be more appealing to those of you that read for the dark side of blogging.

So lets get started with the Hagerstown Suns,who will get loads of credit tomorrow for their upcoming autograph session,but their concessions sure have a dagger coming their way for FYF Monday.
Bad food,long lines and not enough of the few items that are tasty (Grilled Chicken Sandwich) made this FYF Monday a rough one.
The popcorn chicken that was so good last time tasted like a charcoal briquet and looked like something that Big Ed puts out on a regular basis.
In addition,the ever present red stripe hot dogs were out and about with various degrees of warmth to top the evening off right.
I might have been wondering if I was too harsh but my friend insisted that this was the truth.
Everyone can have a bad night,but this one was beyond bad......

BTW-The PA guy for the Suns still ranks as the worst ever.
Bar none and to those of you out there that want to be an apologist for this guy-Yes,I could do a better job!
There is always the "if you could do a better job" crowd whenever criticism is made,so in this case-Yes,I could.
I think we should keep him in announcing though-imagine him screaming wakeup calls at the local state pen!
Now that is serving hard time!

A knife goes to one of my least favorite announcers in Screamin' Gus Johnson,who has added his over the top yells and general offering of wrong information to boxing along with his melodramatics for the NFL and college basketball (on CBS) for Showtime.
Not only did Johnson scream that every fighter was hurt and on the verge of being stopped constantly during the two fight Showtime card,but he showed an embarassing lack of knowledge of the product.
Johnson continuely called IBF Bantamweight champ Joseph Agbeko "Jose" throughout the bout.
Now I am just making a small stretch here,but I wouldnt bet that there are hell of a lot of "Jose's" in Accra Ghana where Agbeko is from.
Will someone please tell me what I did wrong to have to listen to Gus Johnson in three sports now?

A dagger to Fox Sports Pittsburgh for ending Savran on Sportsbeat after a long run.
Savran stays with the network,but the show was axed for financial reasons.
How damn expensive can it be for two cameras,one piece of talent and the guys in the studio>
Likely far less than the ridiculous showing of the Pittsburgh Passion games from the womens football league and that has to be true.
Stan Savran has been the person that Pittsburgh fans of all teams go to hear opinion on the latest news for their team and FSN Pittsburgh just threw that away...

Our final knife goes to the fans of the Boston Red Sox.
As someone that often pulled for the BoSox when my teams were out of contention,it pains me to say just how much they have dropped on my list.
It is mainly due to their under 30 fans,who may be the most obnoxious known to man.
Usually an unfunny,heckling asshole complete with beer in one hand and committed to have everyone around him listen to his appalling lack of wit and (even lesser) wisdom has left me with an ever worsening opinion of Boston fans.
In the past,I found the Red Sox fans charming for the most part,now they smack of stale beer,faded baseball caps and general smarminess to the point of cringe inducing.
Too bad.

Back later with a look at the new old coach of the New Jersey Devils-Jacques Lemaire...


polheiney said...

Re: Red Sox Fans

That's why I hope the Cubs never win the World Series - they have great fans and I'm worried they'll become like red Sox fans.

Shawn said...

The Red Sox fans used to be so great.
They were smart,loved the game with a passion and were rarely overly obnoxious...

Those people have been replaced by the current template of fan that is just painful to be around...

Sorry,Boston-you may have finally reached your goal.
You may have surpassed New York in something....