Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking back at things that make me laugh

Today we will change things up a bit with a few things that have been memorable to me from childhood and after and brings a smile and laugh from anyone if they remember....
Check out the picture of two of my pride and joys-my beautiful Rachel and Big Ed!

The campy 1960's Batman show is always a hit with young kids and never fails to draw that audience.
I have always wondered why that show is not always on some cable network for just that reason.
In any case,a favorite of mine was the Chad and Jeremy episode where the Catwoman steals their voices for ransom.
But that is not the part that lives on here.
Check the witty repartee' between Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon at 6:20 of the YouTube below.
I was especially impressed by Bruce Wayne's inspirational words on Generational Music,Art and "Manner of speech".
Plus,you get the cult favorite "Teenage Failure" (which I still kinda feel like I am) sung by the British pop duo as an added bonus.

This next one comes with a small back story as the story takes place eleven years after the song below hit the charts.
In 1993,I was coaching my first year of baseball with the ever patient Battlin' Bob as my assistant.
After most games,we usually grabbed some food and broke the game down for hours at my place and after a close loss,we did the same.
However,VH1 (in the days where they played music) was playing this song,which features New Wave favorite The Waitresses from Ohio with their most memorable song (along with the theme to Square Pegs).
But on this evening,we were treated to the Battler's take on the less than energetic lead singer.
You haven't lived until you have heard Battlin Bob' sing "I know what Boys like".
Special thumbs up to Bob's singing of "Sucker" at 2:40 and the "nyah nyah" stuff that finishes the song.....

One of my best childhood memories of visiting family in Ohio was hanging out with my favorite Aunt Becky.
She always stayed up all night watching videos with me in the era of MTV not being common place yet,so metal videos were always a big deal.
Becky was always fun to hang with and sure was the last thing from most of my other Aunts,some of which could be called borderline stuffy.
Of course most of those are long gone from my family by now!
This Ratt video (sorry no Round and Round on YouTube) features a young Tawny Kitaen before her better known video appearances with Whitesnake and well before she beat the hell out of her husband Indian pitcher Chuck Finley with not only her fists,but a stiletto high heel as well.
So,here is one to my favorite Aunt and the times on Rockin West Main...

This clip shows a childhood role model of mine (remember this) the Magnificent Muraco doing a mock impersonation of the "Rev" Ernest Angley.
Angley's routine was often mimicked in school because his "program" always preceded the 11 AM broadcast of All Star Wrestling on WDCA (UHF TV,People!),so just about any wrestling fan caught the end of the Ernest Angley Hour complete with "healing".
I bet any wrestling fan from the early 80's still can remember that schtick!
"Can you say Baby???"
Believe it or not Angley is still alive and on the air,but his program is not as widely seen as it once was.
On a trip a few years back,I saw Angley and for a guy 123 years old,he looks the same as he did almost 30 years ago.
Hair dye can do that sometimes!

Back later with Pirates stuff and maybe something else a little different as well.


Becky said...

AWWWW you are such a wonderful nephew....It was a blast to hang out with you...we had a lot of fun...I will never forget when you sent me the buddy bell baseball card or made me that cassette tape of Night ranger...Back for more is my favorite ratt song!!! By the way I always look or skim through all your blogs!!!!!!

Mike said...

Somehow I don't think my version of the song was quite the same as theirs LOL.. Where the hell is Teddy??? has Big Ed replaced Teddy as #1 dog? Say it isn't so Caped Crusader!!!!

Shawn said...

Night Ranger,wow-that was a while ago!
Those trips were some of my fondest memories of my teenage years....

Dont worry,Bob-Teddy still rules the roost here.
Big Ed just has so much more energy that he is far easier to take pics of!

Besides,I really just wanted to show off Rachel!