Monday, November 9, 2009

Things that make me laugh

Time for a few things that make me laugh.

Battlin Bob rarely fails to make me laugh,but one thing that he does that just tickles the hell out of me is his unerring knack of being unable to follow the ball off the bat at a game.
Batter; Crack
Bob:Oh dear,that's gone.
Shawn (or Ryan if you prefer), pop up to short,Bob....
Here's to the Battler,the funniest guy I know-even when he isn't trying!!

I have fallen in love with the Canadian television show Corner Gas recently after stumbling upon it late night on WGN.
One of the best shows that I have seen in recent years and each character is easy to like in their own way,but my favorites are the cranky father Oscar and Karen the cop.
This show is not cheap on DVD or easy to find in the US (I had to buy my sets from Canada),but well worth the time to find it.
Take a look on YouTube and you can try some Corner Gas for free.

Want another story that never fails to make me smile?
Spending time years ago playing the old Statis Pro Football board game with a friend (Ernie,for those of that live here) and Ryan using the 1983 players.
It is a smile of frustration though as a few players had tremendous hard to stop cards because their playing time was limited and they did well in that time.
But Ernie's main player was an obscure Jet running back named Bruce Harper,who gained more yardage on his card than anyone and his worst run was a one yard gain.
Believe or not Bruce Harper was better than Eric Dickerson in that game,if you didn't care about the game being realistic,which Ernie didn't!
Sometimes I'll hear this voice screaming "HANDOFF TO BRUCE HARPER'! and makes me want to find the old game,pull it out and start playing.
I would love to find a USFL set for SPF,that would get me back into playing quickly!

Finally a note that makes me laugh and but with bitterness as well.
In one of my coaching rebuilding jobs,I had a player with some talent that was in the group that wasn't going to be around to see the fruits of the rebuilding effort (too old),but this player simply refused to slide,flat out refused.
The real reason is that his slides sucked,but moving on.
In our last game of the season in a rainy night,Jack Mesner rounded third with the potential winning run,I'm coaching third waving him around and as I do,I slip on the ground right onto my face and watch Jack not slide and therefore tagged out on a high throw.
Slide and safe by a mile,we lose in extra innings.
The laugh is that it had to be funny as hell watching me pratfall ala Dick Van Dyke,but the downside is that Jack Mesner didn't buy what I was selling and it is always frustrating when you cannot get through to a player.....

I should be home later today,so get ready for some vacation stories and other catch ups over the next few days!

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Shawn said...

From Cherie:
Corner Gas is the best! My favorites are Hank, Wanda, & Brent but really I love them all! What a rare TV delight!