Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tryin hard to find nice things

I have tried three times to write this post on the Browns 16-0 loss to the Ravens.
I have said that often it is easier to write about bad things than good ones,but not this time as I just am struggling with this one.
The Browns are so bad that we have passed the exit to bad and went straight to just feeling sorry for them.

Brownie Bits

1) I thought that Brady Quinn's "effort" or whatever it was that injured Terrell Suggs wasn't intentional,but it was poorly executed.
In any event,the fine that was slapped on Quinn seemed fair enough to me.
It was ,after all,the first open man Quinn hit all night!

2) Far be it for me to call out a coach for pulling a "Steve Robinson",but Eric Mangini pulled a "Steve Robinson" in calling a timeout to make sure the Browns could run one more play in a lost game.
The result almost was disastrous as Josh Cribbs was injured on a meaningless play and was taken off the field on a stretcher
Josh Cribbs status for the Lions is uncertain,but the whole thing just seemed so unnecessary....

3) Watching the game,I was struck by the offenses similarities to the Bill Belichick Browns.
Jamal Lewis up the middle twice (Or Eric Metcalf) and then a two yard swing pass by Brady Quinn (or Bernie Kosar).
Brady Quinn is going to struggle no matter what,but let him open the toolbox and work a little bit.
His arm cannot be that bad,can it????

4) 99 yards passing?
The team never crosses midfield.

5) Stat of the game from ESPN-• In his first start since Week 3, Brady Quinn was 13 for 31 for 99 yards with no scores and two interceptions. He's just the fourth QB in the last 20 seasons to throw 30 or more passes for fewer than 100 yards with no scores and multiple interceptions in a game....

6) Brandon McDonald could tackle a Raven on a Josh Cribbs punt return and draw a flag,but he cannot tackle a Raven when he was allowed to as Ray Rice scored the first Raven TD and all points that they would need....

7) Give the defense some credit though (except for McDonald) as they allowed just 10 of the 16 points.Kudos to David Bowens,who had two sacks and to rookie Kaivia Maiava,who looks to perhaps be someone that might survive the coming purge...

8) Wish I could give any to the offensive line,who protected Quinn not at all.
John St.Clair is simply putrid and even usually reliable Eric Steinbach had a bad evening....

9) Rob Ryan tried his best to shock Baltimore by mixing blitzes and rushes from angles and for a half it worked.
Here is hoping that he does that even more this week in a game that Cleveland might at least have a chance in...

10) The Browns are one of three teams at 1-8 (Detroit and Tampa Bay) and playing the Lions will not only shake that out a bit,but we will truly get a handle on just how the Browns have progressed.
Playing a team that has won one game in two years and seems to be on the same level should tell us a lot about both the Browns and the future of Eric Mangini....

EDITOR'S NOTE-The Rams have only one win as well.....

Will try to be back later with a few cleanups before my return to work...

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Mike said...

after all,the first open man Quinn hit all night!

Priceless!!!! reminds me of Major Leaguer..