Friday, March 15, 2013

Sean Nicol Interview -Part 1

We start a new interview with Sean Nicol.
Nicol is an infielder in the Washington Nationals system and spent last season at AA Harrisburg.
Thanks to Sean for taking the time

TRS: Growing up was baseball always your first love or did you prefer another sport?

SN:Baseball has always been my number one sport. I grew up playing basketball and football as well, but I was best at baseball, so that's the sport I stuck with.

TRS: When you graduated high school were you thinking about being drafted or were you committed to college?

SN:  I was committed to College. I wanted to make sure i went to school as well to get my education.

TRS: What schools recruited you and what made San Diego the place for you?

SN: Out of high school, I was mainly recruited by one Division 1 college heavily, The University of Portland. I had other interests like Arizona State, and University of Arizona, but Portland was the only one to pursue me heavily. I went to Portland, Oregon for my first year of college and played there. I loved it and enjoyed the coaching staff and baseball. There was just something missing that I felt I needed and I got my release and San Diego was very interested once my release was given.

TRS: Did you talk to any scouts during your time at San Diego and if so,did you have any teams that you thought were especially interested?

SN: I did talk with scouts, and the teams most interested were the Padres and the Indians. I do not believe I talked with any Washington Nationals scouts before the draft.

TRS: What was it like playing college baseball in a town that has pro ball and another Division I school in the same town?
Did you feel ignored and what are your thoughts towards San Diego State?

SN: University of San Diego is a small division 1 school, so I understood baseball was not going to be a huge spotlight on our program throughout the community, even though we were a Top 10 program every year.

TRS: Were you surprised to be selected by Washington?

SN: I was definitely surprised to be drafted by the Nationals. As I mentioned before, I had not talked with the nationals before the draft.

TRS: What were negotiations like in coming to a contract agreement?

SN:  I was a senior sign out of college, so I did not have many options or bargaining chips for a contract agreement. it was pretty much a take it or leave it.

Look for part two of our talk with Sean Nicol soon!

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