Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sean Nicol Interview-Part 2

Our interview with Sean Nicol continues with part two.

TRS: You have been able to play several positions,was this always a strength or did it come along in college or in pro baseball?

SN: My whole life I have pretty much played shortstop, and it is pretty simple to adjust from shortstop to any other position, except catcher. so the transition was very simple.

TRS: When you began your career you started in Vermont,Any thoughts on the team and its stadium?

SN: Vermont was a great place to play. We had good fan support, and a great host family situation there. That is always the best part of the teams we play on.

TRS; In the NY/Penn league,many of the stadiums are older,do any of them stick out as the best and worst? Any good NY/Penn league road stories?

SN:  The best stadiums were Staten Island, and Brooklyn I thought. The worst were probably Vermont, and Auburn. That is just field condition.

TRS: After the season in Vermont,you were in a Topps set of baseball cards,How did they contact you,what did they pay for you to be on the cards and what was that like?

SN: Topps comes around in your first season usually, and signs most guys to a contract with them for $5.
TRS: Coming to full season baseball in Hagerstown,was seeing the Muni a major culture shock?

SN :Coming to Hagerstown, it wasn't too much of a culture shock, because as said before the NY Penn league had older stadiums as well.

TRS: Looking back at the Muni,what are your true thoughts and any stories on the stadium behind the scenes?

SN: I enjoyed hagerstown. I became close with some fans and there was great fan support there! My aunt also lived 30 minutes from there in West Virginia, so it was nice to be back there and stay with her.

TRS: Your first season was split between Hagerstown and Potomac and you hit well in the Carolina League,were you surprised to return to Hagerstown the following season?

SN: I was definitely surprised to return back to hagerstown, But it is not my decision on where I am sent. I did not think it would be Hagerstown, but there are certain players that have to play despite results, and I understand that. it is a business.

Stay tuned for part three later in the week....

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