Monday, March 4, 2013

The Jim Bouton baseball league

Slow news day,but a fun day nonetheless as my favorite fantasy baseball day has arrived as the Jim Bouton baseball league begins its minor league draft phase.
The Bouton league is named after former 20 game winner and author of Ball Four-Jim Bouton and is a pretty standard league with one exception-every team has a 20 player farm system.
In affect,franchises are drafting tomorrow's stars today and holding their rights.

The league is great fun,except I haven't won it yet and we have ten solid teams.

Considering the rules,the minor league draft is far far more important than the major league draft,which is generally filled with role players and backups and rarely lasts more than two or three rounds.

I released six players,so I have six picks in the draft and just made my first selection in the draft with the second overall pick in 2012's draft-Byron Buxton an outfielder in the Twins organization.

I may be filling some slow days with some looks at the six new players that I have drafted and maybe even a glance at the remaining players that I protected.
The draft is always fun and I enjoy it more than any draft that I do with the possible exception of the IFL draft in our football league.

Very excited to add Byron Buxton and hopefully five more future stars.....

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