Monday, January 26, 2015

The Zabbies!!! Five fighters that I am tired of seeing!

It's time for the Zabbies!
The Zabbies are named after former champion Zab Judah,who I grew tired of seeing get big fight after big fight and always accompanied by excuses after excuses for his losses,which were then followed by lots of talk about this being "a new Zab Judah" blah blah...
Judah hasn't fought in a year and hopefully will not fight further,so the namesake for the list is not on it.

The list have various reasons for being on it ranging from Judah-like excuses,weak chins,quitting when the going got tough and being susceptible to cuts etc.
Without further ado-the first ever Zabbies...

1) Victor Ortiz
Ortiz ,a fighter with a weak jaw,holds the honor of being the only man Floyd Mayweather has knocked out in this decade,knocked out flat by light hitting Luis Collazo,quit in his corner against the smaller Josesito Lopez and quit during a fight against Marcos Maidana.
Yet,this guy is always shoved into big fights that he doesn't deserve.
I'm very tired of seeing Ortiz get top opportunities off one win (albeit an exciting one) over the equally overrated number two pick...

2) Andre Berto 
Berto is the poster child for undeserved chances from two networks (HBO and Showtime) simply because the two networks did not want to take the chance of upsetting Al Haymon,the Berto adviser.
Berto has always fought with heart (Unlike Ortiz),but was given soft touch after soft touch on his way to winning two 147 pound titles and only a decision that could have went either way against Luis Collazo stands out as anything above an average win..
Berto simply isn't a world class fighter and I'm tired of seeing him...

3) Robert Guerrero
Guerrero,who is getting another big bout in March against Keith Thurman,took a vacant featherweight title after losing to Orlando Salido,a post fight drug test saw Salido get stripped of the strap,made some defenses against less than strong divisional opponents and then used a few wins over top 20 opponents (a shot Joel Casamayor,Michael Katsidis, Selduk Aydin and Berto) along with a friendship with then Golden Boy boss Richard Schaefer into a follow around bout against Floyd Mayweather.
Guerrero is more Judah like than the first two "I'm in the best shape of my career","You'll see a new Robert Guerrero" etc.
Tired of him too....

4) Devon Alexander
Alexander is a guy that will fight tough competition,but generally fights the same fight (dull and featherfisted) and has made some of the most exciting warriors in the sport seem dull.
Alexander does have a good performance against Marcos Maidana on his record and a win over Lucas Matthysse (a split decision that I thought Matthysse won),but has failed in every chance to step up-losses to Timothy Bradley (could have been the top 140 pounder with a win),Shawn Porter (Dropped his IBF welterweight title,a win might have gotten him Floyd Mayweather) and most recently Amir Khan (Made Khan look as strong as he has looked in years).
Even when he wins,the bouts are tiresome and with two losses in the last three fights and the win over Jesus Soto-Karass being nothing special,I'll put Alexander on the backburner...

5) Gabriel Rosado
Rosado is a guy that we like in effort as he always fights hard,will fight anyone and generally has his fights go the same way-Rosado gets outboxed early,he begins to rally and wear down his opponents (except for his Gennady Golovkin bout) and just as things turn his way,the fight gets stopped due to the condition (cuts and swelling) of Rosado's face.
Rosado is too tough for his own good and if you won't let Rosado be Rosado-HBO and Showtime need to stop featuring him.

And a bonus Zabbie!

6) Mike Alvarado
Alvarado looked to be a coming star or at least a contender after wins over hard punching Bredis Prescott and Mauricio Herrera,who has given everyone fits since a lopsided loss to Alvarado.
Alvarado then fought two great fights against Brandon Rios losing on a questionable stoppage and then outboxing Rios in a decision win.
Those fights were as good as it got as Alvarado was overpowered and quit in his corner against Ruslan Provodnikov,was dominated by Juan Manuel Marquez other than scoring a flash knockdown and again quitting in the corner,this time against Rios.
Alvarado has had problems outside the ring and his skills have quickly deteriorated.
Combine that with an attitude that sees him quit ( at this stage of his career),come into fights unprepared and out of shape and I've had enough of Alvarado...

Hope you enjoyed the Zabbies and look for another version next year!

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