Saturday, March 12, 2016

Browns cut Johnny Manziel

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The Cleveland Browns stepped forward yesterday with the beginning of their rebuild with a few moves including their first two free agent signings,but most importantly moved away from troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel with his release.
Cleveland,who reportedly are among a team or two that has interest in trading for Colin Kaepernick from the 49ers,had to get away from the toxic Manziel and took a temporary cap hit in order to move the Texas A&M product along.
Manziel finishes his Cleveland career with seven touchdown passes with seven interceptions and won two starts and sends the Browns back to the drawing board.

Cleveland lost another player before the signing below as special teams star Johnson Bademosi left the Browns to sign a two year deal with the Detroit Lions.
Bademosi led the Browns in special teams tackles in each of his four years in Cleveland,but the new regime thought that Bademosi wasn't worth the cost of a special teamer,especially when Bademosi was exposed at defensive back as a less than stellar performer.
I'm fine with allowing Bademosi to leave

The Browns were given three extra compensation picks in the draft with one coming at the end of round four and the other two at the end of round five.
These picks are given for lost free agents at the 2015 free agency period and cannot be traded.

Rumors have the Browns (among the Broncos and Jets) as the interested suitors in Colin Kaepernick from San Francisco,with one report has the 49ers wanting a second round choice for him and the Browns offering a third instead.
I wouldn't offer either for Kaepernick and would offer a 4th at best with hesitancy only because the Browns suddenly have an extra 4th rounder.
I just cannot see the interest in a quarterback that plays in a style that the league has caught up to,is coming off shoulder surgery,often injured of late and sat on the bench for a bad team so they could play Blaine Gabbert.
Anything other than a day three pick is far too excessive for Kaepernick.

The Browns also signed their first two free agents,who could see lots of playing time,but neither were players to get overly excited about.
Offensive lineman Alvin Bailey was signed from the Seahawks,where he made eight starts in three years for Seattle at guard and tackle.
Bailey doesn't appear to be of starting timber,but does look to be a versatile backup that can play two spots in the line rotation.
Bailey could challenge Austin Pasztor or any future additions to start at the hole opened at right tackle by the loss of Mitchell Schwartz to the Chiefs,although at 6'3 320 Bailey might be best suited for guard.
The one thing that Bailey's signing was a similar signing a few years of a backup lineman that could play a few positions and he turned out to be a pretty decent player in John Greco.

The other signing was linebacker Justin Tuggle from the Texans.
The son of former Falcon pro bowler Jessie Tuggle,Justin started two games last year in Houston at linebacker,but was more noted as a special teamer.
Tuggle could compete for a starting linebacker spot on the inside,which could be weakened if Craig Robertson leaves via free agency,which currently appears likely.

If I feel up to it,I plan on trying to be back later with a few words on the Pirates signing David Freese...

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