Thursday, March 24, 2016

Browns sign Robert Griffin

The Cleveland Browns finally made the splash into the free agency market that fans hope to see as the team signed former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin as a free agent to a two year contract for 15 million dollars (6.5 guaranteed).

Griffin,the former rookie of the year and second overall draft pick,has not played in a game since 2014 and has not been the same player since a Redskins playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks,where Griffin took a beating and then-Washington coach Mike Shanahan kept a clearly injured Griffin in the game to continue to aggravate injuries suffered in the game.

Robert Griffin has a strong arm and is still very mobile (although perhaps not as mobile before his injuries to his ACL/MCL (knee) and then a dislocated ankle that ended his 2014 season.
Griffin still has the potential skills to be a good quarterback,but there are caveats.
Griffin has attempted to make the adjustment to be a true pocket passer and has never quite mastered that skill,despite the occasional glimmer of hope.
Griffin also has shined in the read option offense that allows quarterbacks to be hit far more often than in a more conventional offense and the NFL defenses have become more capable in stopping that system,which has seen the decline in play of Griffin and Colin Kaepernick,who was often attached to Cleveland in trade rumors.
Griffin has also had issues with locking on receivers and holding onto the ball longer than need be,but considering the work that Hue Jackson has done with quarterbacks over his career of varying talent (Joe Flacco,Andy Dalton and Jason Campbell most notably) in making huge strides in their games,it's not impossible for Griffin to find some of his past form.
Griffin also has the advantage of being a college teammate and long time friend (Griffin attempted to get the Redskins to draft him) of Josh Gordon,so perhaps Griffin's influence could help with the oft-troubled receiver's attempt to stay on the straight and narrow path.

I'm not sure what the Browns are getting in Robert Griffin after the trials and tribulations of the last few years,but for the price and comparing that the team got Griffin at no cost compared to trading a draft pick for the more expensive and less talented Colin Kaepernick-I'm OK with the decision.

I don't really see much of a downside.
If Griffin bounces back,the Browns have an impact player for a bridge quarterback price,
If not,the Browns really haven't invested very much money into Griffin and haven't really lost much as any young quarterback wouldn't have done better behind a less than strong offensive line.
If I'm the Browns,I wouldn't allow this signing to take their eye off a quarterback that they like in the draft,but if they aren't in love with Carson Wentz or Jared Goff,I wouldn't be against taking the best player available or even trading down to add picks.

I'll be interested in seeing just what Robert Griffin has to offer and I think he could be a jolt of energy to a roster that needs it badly.....

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