Monday, March 14, 2016

Time to differentiate

A recent discussion made me want to clear some things up and make clear just what I do here and with the podcast..

I look at them as two different entities in the same family with one major thing in common-the guy that overlooks both of them.

The podcast is where I get to discuss things,get interviews (which I think goes so much smoother than here on the blog,mainly because it doesn't take as much time for the person being interviewed)

The blog is also an opinion piece,but whereas the podcast is a lot of me talking about other things.people etc,the blog is a lot more about me-my background,my passions,the things I care about and events that carried me to the place that I am on the day that I write it.

To me,they are both parts of the overall product,but different in what they talk about (or often how things are discussed),so while I hope that you would like both products,I can also see how one may be more appealing than the other.

I have some decisions to make on the podcast and I'm excited about them.
Some of the decisions have to do with content and a potential collaboration with a friend of mine for a weekly show,but others are more on the business side as well.

As far as the blog,we near our 9th anniversary and this isn't going anywhere.
This little nook on the net has evolved a few times over the years,but I enjoy this and it isn't going anywhere.

Just wanted to catch you up a bit and I have two interviews for the podcast to do today,so continuing to be busy!!1

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