Friday, March 11, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox

Time for a quick inbox cleaning in an attempt to keep things clean.

First off,thanks to all of you and Ricky Cobb (of @super70ssports) for listening and making that our most listened to podcast!
The podcast numbers are added by me because some download off Podbean (those numbers are viewable via the public) and others play it here,so the numbers are added for the final number.
In any case,thanks and if you just visited for that reason,I hope to keep you around for future podcasts and of course the flagship here...

I also plan on returning to two of our most liked features from the past sometime over the next month as I will return to the Zabbies (boxers that I'm tired of seeing ) and If I ran a network.
Some things have changed since I did that last,some people that weren't on the past lists have dropped off and others jumped on.
Looking forward to re-visiting those lists....

This article is a few years old,but I found it interesting from the Charleston Post-Courier as Mike Mooneyham writes about the lives that still run together from one of the hottest pro wrestling feuds of the 1980's between Magnum T.A (Terry Allen) and Tully Blanchard.
It's a long and detailed article that discusses the feud,the wrestlers background and what they were doing (as I said the article is a few years old) then with Allen marrying Blanchard's ex-wife and the two being involved in raising Blanchard's children with his ex-wife.
It's an excellent article and well worth the read,if you are a wrestling fan or not.

Three recent passings of note.

Goodbye to Pat Conroy at the age of 70 from pancreatic cancer.
Conroy is famous for his fiction work including the Great Santini (made into an excellent film) and the Lords of Discipline (another good film),but my favorite of his was his autobiographical work in My Losing Season about Conroy's senior season of basketball at the Citadel.
I always enjoyed that book.
Santini dealt with a difficult relationship with a father that was occasionally abusive and I could relate to that at times.

Tony Burton passed away at 78 from undisclosed causes.
Burton was best known as his role as "Duke" in the Rocky films as first the trainer of Apollo Creed and transitioning into the trainer of Rocky Balboa.
Burton ,to this day, often appears on the internet when discussing a huge whipping in a fight that should be stopped or a really lopsided game with this..

Sonny James "the Southern Gentleman" passed away at the age of 87.
James was best known for his first hits "Young Love" and "Running Bear" or for taking pop and R & B hits and putting them to a country set which sent him to the top of the charts.
James (to me) was noted for his covers of Petula Clark's "My Love" and the Seekers "I'll never find another you",but was more than that as James set the music (not just country-MUSIC) record for 16 straight number one singles.
That might rate as the music world's unbreakable record!!

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