Thursday, March 17, 2016

Browns release Karlos Dansby and Dwayne Bowe

The rebuild of the Cleveland Browns continued as the Browns released two players to get younger,cheaper and maybe even faster as the team cut the big contracts of linebacker Karlos Dansby and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Karlos Dansby is the bigger loss of the two as he played well last season,but not so well that with a contract that would have paid Dansby five million a year over the next two years that a 35 year old veteran was worth sticking around on a rebuilding team.

Dansby finished last season with 63 solo tackles and three interceptions,but for the first time in his 12 NFL seasons-failed to record a sack.
Dansby provided the "intangible of veteran leadership" in his Browns tenure and I have nothing negative to say about him or his effort,but when you can save a few million per year and get similar performance from Demario Davis,a team such as the Browns have to consider it at minimum and pull the trigger the majority of the time.
Dansby will be looking to sign with a contender and he still has enough hop in his step to help someone,but he would have to be the Terminator to push the 2016 Browns into anything near playoff contention,so it works for both parties.

Meanwhile,the Browns also let go Dwayne Bowe,the poster child for everything wrong with the Ray Farmer era in Cleveland.
Bowe,who was given a two year deal by Ray "WR's don't influence the game more than a few plays per game" Farmer worth 12.5 million (9 of that guaranteed) was clearly paid beyond the value of his performance,which was a whopping five catches for 53 yards.
Bowe was a Farmer favorite that Mike Pettine wanted nothing to do with and was inactive more often than not.
The less than I type about Dwayne Bowe,Ray Farmer and anything else to do with this signing the better.
Goodbye and good riddance....

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