Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Sports Edition

The cleaning of the sports version of the inbox begins with this as Hardball Times discusses those wonderful two player cards from the 1960's that Topps used so often and still uses today in the Topps Heritage sets.
The article mainly talks about the 1966 card "Power Plus" which paired Phillies outfielders Johnny Callison and Wes Covington.
It makes a great point as the card would have been better had it been Callison teamed with Richie (Dick) Allen as a more potent power pair.
One of my favorite all-time cards is one of those-the above picture of Rocky Colavito and Leon Wagner from the 1967 set.
Colavito is an all-time favorite with the red hats and sleeveless jerseys with Chief Wahoo on them,what's not to like about this card?!!

Awful Announcing writes of the rise and fall and then rise again of Max Kellerman at ESPN.
I've always liked Max's boxing work,although I don't share his affinity for dull boxers like Andre Ward and Guillermo Rigondeaux,I've always respected his opinion on boxing.
I remember the first time,I saw Max on the Friday Nights Fights and wondered "who the hell is this guy"?
It took only a short time of time for me to see Max knew the game and his work was solid...

ESPN writes of the long battle for the remains of the "world's greatest athlete" Jim Thorpe between his family in Oklahoma and the town that changed its name in order to get the remains in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania.
It's interesting and I think very fair to both sides in telling the story of both Thorpe and the dispute.

I missed the HBO boxing card with another Andre Ward squash match vs Alexander Brand since I was in Lake County.
All accounts show that it was another boring Ward win.
I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow night with my trip to Lake County with the lovely Cherie..

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