Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting back into the saddle again!!

Yep,I'm back.
I took off time during my vacation and with only one day to go-it's time to catch up.

There hasn't been a ton of sports news,but I have plenty of items to write about including a potential new venture that I am very excited about.

I also have plenty of notes from the road to write about!
I've made trips to Lake County,Morgantown WV, the trip to the Appalachian League and a trip to State College PA.
It'll take a while to catch up on things,but I think I'm up to the task.

I also have plenty to say about a film that I've never seen based on a comic that I rate as my favorite ever-As the fellow on the left will give you a hint on the comic.
Longtime readers will remember this post on Floyd Lawton for more on the topic..

I also have football around the corner,so keep that in mind with previews and of course-the Pigskin Picking Machine and this year's host to be chosen,,

Add it all up and I have plenty of things and opinions to share coming up here.
Going back to work could be a phrase used on two fronts.
See you soon.

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