Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox

Time to clean out the inbox and we'll start with Eleven Warriors and their look at Kyle Snyder,the Ohio State junior,who became the youngest United State wrestler to ever win Olympic gold.
The in-depth article on Snyder was written just before he won the gold and goes into Snyder's high school and international background.
Eleven Warriors might be best known as a OSU football site,but it is so much more than that in its Buckeye coverage....

New writes an article about the giving side of Yankee prospect Clint Frazier.
Frazier,who was the painful part for me to lose in the Indians acquisition of Andrew Miller.
I was really impressed with my own small interaction with Clint last year in Frederick,but this article shows so much more from the young man.
I don't want to spoil the article,but this is the type of player that doesn't come along every day and if the Indians don't kick the door with Miller in the next two seasons,they might regret that trade for a long time-No matter how well Andrew Miller pitches,,,,

I've written before about journeyman players from the seventies that I rooted for and had no other reason than a baseball card,name or picture in a magazine,
One of those was righthanded pitcher Lynn McGlothen,who had a few good seasons,but enjoyed an average career before dying in a fire in 1984.
Bruce Markusen selected McGlothen as the topic of his latest Card Corner and covers his tragic death along with his various stops in baseball.
The card that I liked of McGlothen's was his 1976 Topps card with his huge smile hanging around the batting cage in what looks to be Shea Stadium.

Joe Plum found this note in Popular Science with a fisherman
that found a 75 pound pearl inside a giant clam over a decade ago and hid it away until then.
Pearls are usually found in oysters not clams,but clams are capable of making pearls in some situations....

I wrap with a note from Battlin' Bob,who doesn't appear here as much as he used to,but still possesses a sharp wit and some of the funnier Facebook posts around.
The Battler found this link from his hometown of Butler PA on Charlie a 55 year old Amazon parrot that hatched in the Butler Woolworth's and then was the store mascot for 35 years before the store closed.
Charlie is still living in a private home and still has very few physical issues.

Coming soon will be the start of the Appalachian League recap!!

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