Sunday, August 21, 2016

Exciting Announcement

Just a quick post to make an exciting announcement for a new venture.

I'll be joining my friend Ramon Malpica for a co-hosting job on "FightHeads"which will be a live boxing podcast where Ramon and I will talk boxing live online and interact with fans who will be calling in live!

The show should start in either September or October and will most likely take place on Monday nights with a time to be announced.
I hope you'll consider at least listening or calling in to participate on the show.
I'm super excited about this project and I'll be back with more details before the first show.

It won't affect the podcast or blog,but something to add to what I do here and it'll be a great experience working with Ramon.

I'll be in Williamsport PA today,so I'll have yet another post from the road to catch up on!
See you soon....

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