Saturday, August 20, 2016

One night in Harrisburg

Usually I discuss my trips in order and I'll be catching up on my various stops over the course of the next week with vacation (it was all I ever wanted) over,but last night in Harrisburg was the funniest night that I have had that resulted in getting a grand total of six cards signed.
Now that is not a whine from me or a knock on the visiting Erie SeaWolves-I only brought eight cards with me,but it does say the fun that I had over six cards.

I made the trip to see the last place SeaWolves mainly because the Tigers had promoted each of their top two draft picks (Christin Stewart and Tyler Alexander) to Erie,because I had good luck in each of the other times working on them,but I did want to add both players.
I was pleased to meet up with Bill Cover for the second night in a row (A rainout in Frederick covered the previous day),but I was later than usual due to Cherie's work schedule.
Bill graciously waited for me,but it did put us behind along with a weird stretch along I-81 that seems to consistently slow traffic despite no signs of construction,so we didn't arrive until the 4th inning.

Bill and I climbed the steps to sit at the top of the stadium and instantly spotted Fred Landucci in his seat.
Fred sits right behind the dugout,but likes to sit with me (and I like having him to talk with),so when we saw Fred rise from his seat,Bill and I assumed he was coming to us.
That assumption was wrong,as Fred began to walk from the stadium and with me as limping Leon,I wasn't going to catch him from the other side of the stadium.
Suddenly,we saw Fred reverse field as he passed "baseball pants",a grapher from Harrisburg.
Bill said "Baseball Pants must have told Fred we were here" and that is exactly what happened as Fred told us when he arrived at our seats!

The game wasn't really notable although I did get a foul ball (not caught on the bounce) and got to hear Fred's tale of getting a six year old card signed that had been all over the place as Fred finally was able to land AA hired gun infielder Gustavo Nunez on his 2010 Florida State League top prospect card.
No longer a top prospect at 28,Gustavo is just one of those guys that for some reason was just tough to get....

After the game was the humor that Fred missed (his lovely wife Linda wasn't feeling well) as he left in the middle of the seventh.
There was were more highlights almost than graphers as very few were around,but those that were received a treat!
First,A fellow I only knew in passing came up and apologized for yelling at me during the Brendan Rodgers night in Hagerstown.
I'm not even sure I mentioned it here and it wasn't a big deal,so I accepted his apology.
These things happen in life...

Also,we were treated to two inebriated young women in revealing clothing asking for selfies with each of the Erie players as they left the locker room.
The guy that apologized was taking pictures for them and commented "You know,it's not really a selfie,if I'm taking the photo"-Which really is a legitimate point.
It was quite funny watching this and the reactions from the Erie players-Most of whom were happy to pose with them....

And then there was Manson-as dubbed as such for his similar look,
This guy has to be seen to be believed with ridiculous questions such as this gem to Tyler Glasnow last season "Do you like the bed in your hotel room"?
Between the look,speech impediment and off the wall behavior,this guy really is either off the wall or playing one hell of a role.
I've often wondered how much of this is an act and it almost makes you think of Undercover Boss,where one day this guy is going to strip off a wig,mustache etc and introduce himself as someone that you wouldn't expect....

Strange night,but fun as always with Bill and Fred and the various characters that make up this crazy hobby of ours..
I might be back tomorrow with either an announcement or the beginnings of talking about my trips...

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