Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conclusive! Marquez stops Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez thought he had won three close bouts against the better connected (read promoter) Manny Pacquiao, but the record showed an 0-2-1 record vs Pacquiao regardless of anyone's opinion.
Marquez had vowed to attempt to go for a knockout as the only way that he was guaranteed to win.
You hear that talk a lot in boxing, so you tend to take that with a grain of salt.
Leopards don't change their spots and it is tough for fighters to change what they do best.
Juan Manuel Marquez did just that as he countered Manny Pacquiao with a short bullet of a right-hand seconds before the end of round six that sent Pacquiao face down to the canvas and conclusively ended the fourth bout of their series.
Marquez floored Pacquiao in the third round, but Pacquiao scored a knockdown of his own in round five to even things up.
Pacquiao seemed to have the sixth round won before the Marquez counter right that ended the evening in Las Vegas.
At the end of five rounds, I had Pacquiao narrowly ahead 47-46 in what was the most exciting bout of the set (which says a LOT) featuring terrific toe-to-toe exchanges.

You have to feel good for Juan Manuel Marquez, who after four years and over eight years, finally has the elusive victory that stamped him officially for what he has always been- an all-time great.
Manny Pacquiao took the loss in a very sportsmanlike manner and I salute him for his class and grace.

As happy as Marquez and his fans are, the fans of Floyd Mayweather might be happier.
Mayweather supporters now have the belief that their man would have defeated Pacquiao being certified in the eyes of most as Mayweather won a clear decision over Marquez.
I am not so sure as the old axiom styles make fights come to mind.
Marquez had to shift his counterpunching style to an aggressive one against the counterpunching Mayweather or there would have been no action at all.
Being out of his element, Marquez was forced into a battle he could not win against the talented Mayweather.
Pacquaio is a naturally aggressive fighter and would have been more comfortable pressing the pace against Mayweather.
The lost superfight might have been the best action fight of Floyd Mayweather's career and might have added luster to the sometimes less than fun to watch "Pretty Boy".
Mayweather (in hindsight) might have known this as one would think that the payday involved would have been far more than the risk if Mayweather would have had little trouble with Pacquiao.

Fights like last night (and the atmosphere was electric in Las Vegas) are what makes elite-level boxing so special and what for all the ballyhoo the UFC cannot match.
Boxing has its issues, mainly the best not always fighting the best because of the Top Rank-Golden Boy feud, but at its best- it cannot be beaten for the atmosphere.
Last night in Las Vegas showed that once again that you just cannot keep this sport down.

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