Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sean Nicol Interview-Part 4

We conclude our interview with Sean Nicol with the fourth installment of our chat with him.
Thanks to Sean for the time and I hope that you enjoyed this interview.
I have another interview in the hopper for a future date,so I hope you enjoy this as well..

 TRS: Most observers think the biggest jump in the game is from High A to AA do you agree?

SN: I do agree it is the biggest jump. That is where you see hitters and pitchers mature and have a plan on each pitch.
TRS: Have the Nationals given you any idea on where you will play next season?

SN: I have no indication on where I will be next season.

TRS: If you had a choice what position would you play regularly?

SN: I enjoy short stop because I believe it is the toughest position on the field to play. but I enjoy second as well.

TRS: What do you feel the strength of your game is?

SN: The strength of my game is definitely defense, and the mental side.

TRS:What do you do in the off season?

SN:  I coach and give lessons in the off season, and then work out and get ready to come back.

TRS: You have always been one of the more popular players at every stop,do you have any hopes to stay in the pro game after you are done playing?

SN:  I do not know what my plans are when I am done playing. Hopefully I
do not have to make that decision for awhile.

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