Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chris Young dominates AGAIN!!

Chris Young continues to dominate Pittsburgh,as Young allowed just 4 hits and no runs over seven innings as the Padres rolled over the Bucs 9-0.
Young,for whatever reason,has the Pirates number and continued his unbeaten streak vs the Pirates.
Paul Maholm pitched reasonably well in a losing effort,allowing 4 runs and 6 hits in 7 and two thirds and picking up the loss.
Maholm is 2-7 on the year.
The bullpen allowed 5 runs in just 1 and a third to eliminate all chances of winning away.
Final game is tonight-Greg Maddux for the Padres vs B.P.Chacon for the Pirates.

Bullpen Notes

In today's Post-Gazette,Captain Dave says that money
will have no effect on who they select in next week's draft.
But what he did not say was whether or not super agent Scott Boras would have an effect.
Most people have California high school 3rd baseman Josh Vitters or Georgia Tech catcher Matt Wieters as the Pirates choice.
The same two are the Cubs top choices,so 1 should be available to Pittsburgh.
But Wieters is a Boras client.
Would the Pirates take him,if Vitters is gone?
The Bucs have shown a hesitance to take Boras players in the past.
Stay tuned.

If any of you are reading,please toss a quick note in the comments,I want to see how we are doing readership wise and also feel free to forward us to anyone you know that might be interested.
I only know so many people,so you might help adding more readers.
The more people read,the more free features that Blogger gives to make our page look even better!!

In a slow news day-
I would like to encourage those of you out there to think about purchasing energy saving fluorescent lights.I am in the long process of replacing the bulbs here with them.
They are pricey,which is why for me the process is lengthy,but I like the lighting better,they save money in the long haul(they are more durable) and better for ones carbon footprint.
Just something to think about.

Photo Credits
Chris Young-AP Photo-Keith Srakocic


Becky said...

I'm reading Shawn!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Shawn said...

Wait until football season,loads of Browns and Buckeye talk!
Feel free to forward to anyone you know~!
Thanks again

Cherie Heimberger said...

Just a quick note about the energy efficient light bulbs...yes, the do cost much more per bulb than a regular one but the last for years (4 I think is about the norm) and each bulb uses much less energy which helps everyone save money on costly electric bills-getting you your money back and then some! For example our it only takes 20 watts of electricity to give us the equivalent lighting of a 75 watt bulb! You can't really beat a deal that saves you money and allows you to help the environment all at the same time. Such a simple thing that can help everyone be a little "greener".