Saturday, May 26, 2007

Guest Post-Battling Bob takes on the Suns

A few wishes..
By Battling Bob Mckain

If i could give the Hagerstown Suns a few wishes, this is just the tip of the iceberg,but it gives a little more of a view of how bad things can be at a Suns game..

1)Might not be the largest need, but the one that needs taken of first..get public address announcers who can speak! not sure how many times some one can drag a guys name out to make it 20 seconds,but here's a sample... now batting..leonarddddddddddd davis.. and i am not even making this up!also they have a guy who i swear is simply the worst P.A announcer(Editors Note-This is the guy running around with the hand microphone) i have ever heard..

2) Along with the new announcers, and this is a 2 part wish, how about getting some speakers that actually work,and someone who can operate them? Nothing worse than going to a ballgame,and coming home tone deaf..

3)How about some employees who seem to enjoy being there, if you work at a ballpark, you should at least act like you want to be there.. a few of the "talents" that works at the park, seem like they just go through the motions,always a great sight to see someone who seems to be sleep dancing..

4)Someone to tell the seat nazi, that just because a company buys seats, if no one ever sits in them,why would you be running your fans off, to make sure a block wall with patio tables,and chairs, has no one in it??..When i saw him chase kids(who are the future of this game after all)away from these "suites" you just have to laugh,and say,and you wonder why you are losing fans..

5)Have more giveaways, i know, this costs money, but for a guy who coaches high school football to get 3009 asses in the seats on a holiday friday, someone should be seeing the cash cow they could have.. mix it up alittle.. how about having Nationals bobbleheads? think fans wouldn't come out for that?how about Suns legends? and i'm just a guy who likes baseball, for me to just rattle those off, scares me..what scares me more,is no one with the Suns have came up with this!

6)And last but most important.. a new stadium for the players who have some of the worst locker rooms in the minors,and a field we can be proud to have visiting ballclubs come to..not one where guys say,Hagerstown, oh they have that crappy stadium,with a lopsided field!some day these dreams may come true,i just hope it happens before we lose our team again,and then have to be stuck with short season ball...

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Ryan Heimberger said...

Great stuff Bob!
The sad part, I can think of even more things that didn't make the list.