Friday, May 18, 2007

Pirates split with Marlins and lots of bullpen notes

The Florida Marlins made 5 miscues last night and as generally the rule,you make that many errors-you lose!
And they did as the Pirates took the win and a split of the 4 game series 7-2.
Tony Armas continued his stint on the hot seat,as he was removed after just 3 innings allowing 2 runs.
As you can see from the picture,he appears to see his future.
Check the game recap for the no confidence vote from Jim Tracy.
B.P Chacon pitched well 5 scoreless innings to get the win.
This is good news-bad news.
Good-Pirates win,Bad-Bet on Tracy-Littlefield giving the Armas rotation spot to B.P. instead of Bullington or Van Benscoten.
Kinda of a dull offensive output with the errors of the Marlins,but Ronny Paulino knocked in 3 runs.
He can relax,If Doumit hitting .450 and Paulino hitting .190 is not enough for the Pirates to make a change,what is enough?????
The Pirates send their best Shooter to the mound tonight vs Arizona in Ian Snell.
Arizona counters with lefty Doug Davis.

Bullpen Notes

The Pirates and Diamondbacks are the two NL teams not participating in "Inter-League Rivalry Weekend".
I would love to see the Pirates be one of the two odd teams out every year.
3 less Inter-League games that I have to watch.

Anyone want to enter a contest?
Since we have had just 2 consistent starters in Snell and Gorzelanny,how about a nickname?
Gorzo and Snell and 3 days of hell?????

The Braves released Pittsburgh fan favorite Craig Wilson after his early season struggles.
A Pittsburgh return would be a total shock to me.
Craig,as has been established,is not the Tracy Littlefield type player.

Mike Ramlow and Alex Periard both got smacked around last night by the Asheville Tourists.
Both allowed 5 runs each in their stints in a 12-9 Asheville win.
It was the worst outing of the year for Alex,Mike picked up the loss sending his record to 2-2 on the season.

Give some credit to MASN for this weekends Nationals-Orioles series.
In a smart move,MASN will show the game using the Orioles announcers Gary Thorne,Buck Martinez and company,while MASN2 will use the Washington crew-the superior Bob Carpenter and Don Sutton.
Gives each side their guys and fair to both sides-Good decision.

Kudos to my satellite provider DirectTV for finally adding Sports Time Ohio to the sports package.
I know that all the Tribe specials will likely be blacked out like the Yankees and Mets do on their networks,but I will get to listen to Bruce Drennan every day for a few hours.
Drennen is a Cleveland radio icon and vies for the second spot of Cleveland sports talkers with Geoff Sindelar.
Both rank behind the late Pete Franklin.

The Chicago Black Hawks signed their top pick from last year in Jonathan Towes.
The 19 year old helps give Hawk fans something to look forward to for the future,as Chicago is expected to sign Jack Skille,another draft pick from Wisconsin soon.
Adding Toews,Skille and whoever the Hawks select with the top pick in the 2007 draft being added to Havlat,Ruutu and company gives this Hawk fan hopes for the first time in a while.

And finally best wishes to the Cleveland Cavaliers to finish off the New Jersey Nets tonight.
All though I was a long time Cavalier die-hard,my NBA interest has fallen to just about nil now.
I might watch some games,if they move on to the next round.

Back later or tomorrow with Bucs-D'Backs and whatever else I think up.

Photo Credits
Armas-AP Photo-Keith Srakocic
Towes-Chicago Black Hawks

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Ryan Heimberger said...

Skille actually has already been signed to a three-year contract by the Blackhawks. As a Wisconsin fan I am not quite sure that Jack is ready to jump into the NHL just yet- he could stand to refine his game in Norfolk for at least half a season, but with the lack of scoring in Chicago he will probably be rushed to the parent club.