Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cleaning out the Inbox!

Time to clean the inbox with the usual collection of random notes that find their way into the back roads by the river of my memory or inbox....

I stumbled upon this from Yahoo's "ten best" things series on each MLB team on a search engine.
The Giants article was quite interesting.
I enjoyed especially the Croix De Candlestick button segment,but the favorite was the anti-mascot-the Crazy Crab.
The Crab showed up in the mid-80's as a spoof to have Giant fans hate him.
It worked so well that he was pelted every night with garbage and eventually had to be retired.
I enjoyed this quote from the article on the crab-"one memorable appearance in 1999 when he took the house microphone and professed his undying love and support for the Los Angeles Dodgers 
and Tommy Lasorda".
Now that is great stuff!!! 

This note is a month old,but it shows once again what a hypocrite that Art Modell was.
Once again,the fallacy that poor old Art had to move his team bites him in the butt as the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows that Modell was offered his new stadium and he passed.
The picture to the right is the site that was offered for the Browns to play in.
You can see the home of the Indians in the background.
Even after his passing,Art Modell still ticks me off....

With the New Jersey Devils on ice,so to speak,the Albany Devils are the main object to follow in the ice game.
Four of the Devils that were allowed to be sent to Albany due to a lack of service time were Adam Henrique,Adam Larsson,Jacob Josefson and Mattias Tedenby,so the AHL Devils as well as the rest of the league will be filled with young stars that will make the league far more exciting than usual.
Rachel and I along with our good friend Tyler Chupak will be graphing the Devils next Saturday in Hershey in an attempt for Rachel to see "Her Adams" and get Henrique to sign one of her birthday presents-Her Adam Henrique jersey.
In Lou We Trust has their weekly look at the A-Devils here.

After an 80 year run in print,Newsweek will be throwing in the towel as a print publication effective Dec 31st.
Newsweek was once a staple of the news magazine business,but slumping circulation numbers that are due to various reasons,caused their management to go to an all digital format.
I think it's unfortunate that the paper magazines are dying a bit and even though I have not read a Newsweek since I allowed my subscription to expire a few years back,I still think that it is a loss.
I am a believer in technology,but I still think that there is a place for books and magazines in the marketplace.
Allowing brand names that still have cache' in our culture to expire is pretty sad.
However,these things happen and time marches on.....

Time for a few goodbyes....

Goodbye to former heavyweight bomber Corrie Sanders of South Africa.
Sanders was shot and killed during a family event at a restaurant by robbers as Sanders attempted to protect his daughter.
Sanders was known as one of,if not the,hardest hitters in the heavyweight division and he is most remembered for his two bouts against Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko,stopping Wladimir in two and losing to Vitali in eight in an exciting bout for the WBC Heavyweight title that was vacated by the retiring Lennox Lewis......

Goodbye to Alex Karras at the age of 77.
Karras was a four time all pro defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions and spent a few years on Monday Night Football in between Don Meredith's two stints,but Karras was more than just the football player as he transitioned in acting with a starring role in the "Webster" TV series and acting in several films most notably in the TV film "Mad Bull" and even more as "Mongo" in the Mel Brooks classic "Blazing Saddles".

Goodbye to former Maryland basketball player Earl Badu,who leaped to his death from a freeway overpass.
The 33 year old Badu was a walk-on for the 2002 Maryland national champions and was almost Gary Williams "victory cigar" in lopsided victories.
Thanks to Ryan for sending this to me....

Goodbye to Sammi Kane Kraft,who played hard throwing Amanda Wurlitzer in the Bad News Bears remake in 2005.
Kraft was 13 when pitching for the Bears in her only film role.
Kraft was killed when the car she was riding in rear ended a semi and then was hit by another car.
The driver is being charged with drunk driving..
Geez,I try not to judge others,but the epidemic of alcohol related driving casualties never seems to wane and when it comes to getting behind the wheel,all of those deaths are preventable-because those people should not be behind the wheel......

Goodbye to Mike Graham at the age of 61.
Graham was a popular wrestler in the Florida territory in the 1970's and 80's as the son of the territory's owner Eddie Graham.
Graham committed suicide as his father did in 1985....

Please remember if you find anything of interest,send it to me.
If I use it,you will be given credit,as always...

Photo Credit
Cleveland:Plain Dealer

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Becky said...

Shawn, I remember when all that went down. I remember him turning it down and saying to take care of him after the Indians and Cavs were taken care of. We were wondering why he didn't go in on it cause everything would have been together and so much nicer. He just knew how much Baltimore was willing to pay for another team cause he was on the expansion committee. After that he wouldn't discuss it with the city anymore and then shortly later he announced the move.