Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Don on Top Ten Sports Stops

My buddy Big Don has some thoughts on my Top Ten Sports Stops post.
I asked Don if I could post them here and he graciously allowed me to do so.
As always,guest authors words and opinions are their own and not always those of TRS...

This is going to be a long one. Your top ten sports stops is a nice read. The following is my LONG reply to it.
I have not been to or around some of the stops in your blog, so I will mention the ones that I have been to, or just missed going to. 
Ohio Stadium - I passed Ohio Stadium on a trip in the late 90's/early 2000's and thought that it would be a cool place to attend a game

Wrigley Field - I attended a game at Wrigley Field in April 1998. The opponent was San Diego Padres. I could not believe I was at Wrigley Field. The Padres won the game in fourteen innings. It was nice to attend a game there, but it was not taken care of as well as it should, and it was overrated.

Quicken Loans Arena - I have attended Cavs basketball, Lumberjacks hockey, and Barons (AHL) games here. I might add Lake Monsters hockey during this upcoming winter. The acoustics are good, and that makes it not as loud as most of the other buildings that I have seen events in. This is good, because I just want to watch a game, not have a headache.

Russell Diethrick Park - Mike and I decided to attend a 1:35 Erie Seawolves game at the last minute.  The Jammers were playing at 4:00.
If the Jamestown game would have started at 6:00 or 7:00, this ballpark would have been added to each of our lists. (If you go to Russell Diethrick Park, remember that Erie is about 45 miles from Jamestown, Buffalo is about 75 miles from Jamestown. Batavia (The other endangered NYPL team) is about 100 miles from Jamestown, and Rochester is about 140 miles from Jamestown. Buffalo is a good place to watch a game and graph. Rochester is a good place to watch a game, and a great place to graph.)

Fenway Park - During the winter of 1997-98, I decided to go to Boston, so that I could cover my love of baseball and appreciation of history in one trip. Fenway Park is a nice place to attend a game. It helps if you are a small person, because the seats were made for the people of 1912. I remember entering Fenway Park on May 19,1998 at 6:13 pm for the first time. I am sure that Fenway Park has changed drastically since I attended four games there. The park wasn't covered with advertisements when I was there. I was 27 when I visited Fenway. I don't think I could take snobby New Englanders and their stupid accent now, so I am glad that I went when I did. If you go to Boston, you HAVE to walk on the Freedom Trail. Some of the other cool things are Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum and the Duck Boat Tours.

Your honorable mention list:
Great American Ballpark - Mike and I might be going to GAB next year. If we do, it will be tied-in with Louisville, Nashville or Bowling Green.

Lambeau Field - I would also like to attend a game at "The Frozen Tundra." Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr and all of the history of Lambeau Field. I have a feeling that if I would ever get to attend a game at Lambeau, I would get the same feeling that I did when I went to Tiger Stadium in Detroit for the first time.

The only CFL Stadium that I have been in is Rogers Centre, and that was for Blue Jays games. Fortunately for me, the Argonauts team shop was open. I picked up a media guide when I was there in 1999.

I have passed Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. Neyland Stadium is impressive looking. While passing it, I thought "I wouldn't mind attending a game there at some point."
Thanks for the work,Don

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