Monday, December 2, 2013

Golden Gordon not enough in loss to Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns looked to have one final chance win as a favorite this season as they hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in Cleveland.
Alas,the Browns still had Brandon Weeden,who will forever burn the memory of three turnovers in the final two minutes among others and the Browns completely annihilated any remaining piece of good will with the fan base in a
32-28 loss.
Josh Gordon broke the Browns receiving record for yards that he established last week with 261 yards on 10 catches and scored twice.
Brandon Weeden threw for over 300 yards (370) and three touchdowns,but committed four turnovers in the defeat.
The now 4-8 Browns will be in Foxboro for the Patriots next Sunday...

Brownie Bits

1) The Good-Josh Gordon!
My lord,what a receiver.
Gordon made Brandon Weeden look good with catches of errant passes,running by Jaguar corners and grinding for extra yards with the ball.
I'll even go as far as this-You get a real quarterback throwing him the football and Josh Gordon has the skills to be the second best pass catcher in the game behind Calvin Johnson.
Josh Gordon could be that good.

2) I have written already numerous times about my concerns about Mike Lombardi's ability to properly use the draft picks the team has accumulated.
My concern isn't as much that the Browns shopped Josh Gordon at the trade deadline,but as Mike Lombardi's comments about him being a wasted pick when the team drafted him.
You don't think that Josh Gordon's skills were worth a second rounder? I have doubts on your evaluation
of talent skills...

3) One more Josh Gordon note.First player in NFL HISTORY to have consecutive 200 plus yard games!
That is in league history,folks!

4) Brandon Weeden.
Heavy Sigh-He did throw three TD's,but his meltdown near the end of the first half handed the Jaguars 13 points in a game the Browns lost by four.
Two interceptions and a fumble took away any resemblance to a passable NFL quarterback.
I spent the game talking to my buddy Josh and as soon as the first pass was picked off-I was sent this note "Well,welcome back Brandon Weeden".
Little did we know just how bad it was going to get.

5) Weeden even brought back his wonderful underhand flip and pray toss on TWO occasions.
I understand what a weapon Josh Gordon is and really is the only major one,but completely ignored any other player.
Locking in on one guy,no matter the talent is the NFL equivalent of spreading the floor to have one player go one on one and the other four guys stand around and watch...

6) Blame Joe Haden for losing Cecil Shorts for the game deciding score if you wish and it should be noted that this was the second time in two weeks (same spot in the field too) that Haden was burned,but I'll look at it this way-the best cover corners get beaten and despite the language Haden was reported to have used in the locker room,I'll give him a pass.
Haden took accountability for the loss (which is one more time than I've heard it from Brandon Weeden in 2 seasons) and the fact that he takes mistakes so hard is why I think Joe Haden is a keeper.

7) Alex Mack might have snapped his way out of town with his errant snap over the head of Brandon Weeden.Mack is a free agent after the season and generally is solid,but the Browns might not value centers as much as other teams anyway,so this will not help that any.

8) I know Brandon Weeden looked silly with his boot out of the back of the endzone on that play,but he did his job-get the ball out of the endzone as quickly as possible.Giving away 2 points beats 6 every time,the Browns have enough problems doing that.

9) Ray Horton's defense has been praised often,but an offense led by Chad Henne,who is the Southern model of bad QB,put together two eighty yard drives against them with the final one deciding the game.
Were they put in some bad spots by the offense? Certainly,but when the chips were down,the defense is supposed to be the strength of the Browns and they didn't get the job done.

10) Brandon Weeden suffered a concussion and if Jason Campbell has not recovered from his,the Browns will need to sign another QB and Cleveland will start their 4th passer of the season next week in New England.Trick Shot Tanney-Come on down! You are the next contestant on..Never mind....

11) Absolutely hate the Jaguar helmet.
They look like a car painted in primer and then ran out of the real paint.
Nike's work with Seattle and now Jacksonville since getting the NFL apparel contract scares me to death with Jimmy "the pilot" Haslem looking at screwing up err  re-designing the Browns unis....

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