Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shootout woes haunt Devils again

The shootout problems continued for the New Jersey Devils as they tossed another goose egg up in the skills competition and had to (again) settle for one point in a 2-1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Rock.
The loss wasted a fabulous performance in net by Martin Brodeur,who stopped 29 of 30 shots and was only beaten by Cam Atkinson in the shootout.
Adam Henrique stuffed a Patrik Elias rebound past Curtis McIlhinney to tie the game (7) in the third period for the only Devils goal.
The Devils will not have much time to dwell on the loss as they hit the ice tonight against the Islanders....

Hell Raisers

1) Can you make a shot one on one against a goalie?
Please send your resume and/or video to Lou Lamoriello Newark NJ.
At this point,the team is so bad at this part of the game,they might be interested!

2) I have stated my opposition to the shootout before,so this isn't a Devils are bad at this,so Shawn hates it as I felt the same way when the Kovalchuk/Parise/Elias trip gave the Devils a wheelbarrow full of extra points from the shootout.
However,the Devils have now lost six shootouts and therefore six lost points-that is the equivalent of three regulations wins.
Think this team could use that right now?
I dearly hope the league does something to add to overtime to allow the winners to be determined from the TEAM on the ice,not just two players....

3) Martin Brodeur was brilliant in net.
He stood on his head for the entire game with the exception of the game winning shootout and deserved so much better than for one lousy point.
Which does beat zero points for the math majors out there.

4) Adam Henrique snapped a long scoring drought with his goal that (GASP) came from crashing the net!
Why the Devils do not do more of this has always befuddled and yet they never seem to do enough of it.
When you are offensively challenged,you need to try things and what better to try than things that can be done through hustle and are not affected by the level of talent...

5) Peter DeBoer said he did not use Reid Boucher in the shootout because he "hadn't played well and was cold".
Boucher is still the only Devil to score in the shootout and other than maybe Patrik Elias is the only Devil that looks even semi-comfortable in the format.
I'm not saying Boucher played well,he didn't and struggled defensively,but winning comes first-this is PRO hockey after all.
Nice to see proving a point is more important than winning a game-this isn't little league,Pete.

6) Another lack of shots on net evening as the Devils squirt gun attack produced just 17 shots in 65 minutes of play.
The offense on this team (there are exceptions) is ridiculous-lots of standing around and hoping someone else does something.To me that reflects badly on Peter DeBoer.

7) An example of Brodeur brilliance came on the only goal by Columbus in regulation.
Marty made two great saves and only when he lay belly first on the ice,did Columbus lift the puck over the prone netminder.
And that was even helped by Mark Fayne and Mattias Tedenby standing around like they were waiting for the damn bus....

8) Finally,I need to add this point before I go.
Readership here on Devils posts has increased.
Increased to the point that Devils posts have went from being the weak sister here to passing the Browns and Buckeyes in hits.
I give full credit to Rachel and my new friend Dom's Devils Facebook pages,who both put links to here on their pages for finding new readers,but keep this in mind-We tell the way we see it here.
I am a Devils fan,but these gentlemen aren't "my boys" (meaning I'm not their father) and when they play poorly,we will say so.
No one wants the New Jersey Devils to succeed more than I do,but wearing the rose colored glasses and parroting the house line gives no one any insight or things to think about.
If you want that,fine,but it won't be available here .
Thanks for reading!

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